This dog-friendly muzzle design tightens only when your dog feels threatened

There are several reasons why a dog might be wearing a muzzle. They might be recovering from a painful injury or get anxious in crowded areas. Yes, these feelings of vulnerability and anxiety may prompt a dog to nip or bite as a defensive reflex, but that doesn’t make the dog dangerous. Unfortunately, a muzzled dog attracts negative attention, even if the animal is actually a sweetheart.

The Joyda muzzle presents a more subtle, comfortable alternative to existing products. Instead of following a common muzzle design, which essentially looks like a cage over the dog’s mouth, the Joyda uses a light strip of fabric around the snout. For the most part, the Joyda muzzle hangs loosely, not restricting the dog’s mouth at all. The strap will only tighten when it senses a potential attack. How can the Joyda tell? Well, the muzzle comes with a sensor that clips onto the dog’s collar. If the monitor notices a change in heart rate or other signs that might indicate aggression, it will send a signal to the muzzle and tighten around the dog’s snout until the perceived threat passes.

The Joyda is such a simple, smart solution to a common problem. I think the most impressive aspect of the design is its ability to destigmatize the use of muzzles. I would love to see this product be available for dog shelters because it would be incredibly helpful for socializing nervous animals in a safe, comfortable way.

Designers: Choi Jong Hun, Kim Dong Gyu, Kim Jong Myoung, Kim Kyeong Jun, and Lee Chan Jae