The fanciest tap I’ve ever seen is built from bamboo & is super sustainable…

One of my favorite times of the day is bathtime! As we’ve grown older and life has gotten super hectic, bathtime is that precious hour of the day when we can fully indulge in self-care, and pamper ourselves – whether that’s in the form of a bubble bath or a long warm shower, having a beautifully designed bathroom with thoughtful designs will only amplify this special time of the day. The right selection of bathroom fixtures and products makes a huge difference to your everyday bathroom experience. And one such design that would make an excellent addition to your bathroom is the Jacqueline tap by Gessi.

Designer: Gessi

Now let me tell you why the Jacqueline tap by Italian bathroom and kitchen brand Gessi caught my eye – because it’s made from bamboo! As a part of its Gessi Spa Collection, the Jacqueline tap is made from segments of bamboo. The tap is created with immense precision and attention to detail, quite similar to the care and concern given in the manufacturing of high-end fashion accessories, which Gessi attempted to capture in the form of a faucet.

“[Jacqueline] allows a natural material to be brought to a functional use and not just an aesthetic one,” said Gessi. Bamboo roots were hand-selected by Gessi and then curved into shape using hot bending techniques. After that, it is treated to become waterproof, and then the functional plumbing elements are integrated into the hollow bamboo tube.

The spout is available in an option of ten metallic and colored finishes – such as nickel, brass, copper, bronze, and black. It also comes in a range of mounting formats. The other taps in the collection draw inspiration from the shapes of handbag fastenings and are available in metal with a leather effect or imitation horn details. But the Jacqueline tap definitely stands out to me, because of its choice of material. Bamboo is a sustainable, flexible, weather-resistant, and strong material that is a boon to the planet. It is a great alternative to the marble or concrete faucets we usually install in our bathrooms, and not to mention that Gessi left no stone unturned, to ensure that Jacqueline is also super beautiful.