This minimal seating design functions as a personal enclosed pod + provides you with privacy!

Most of us stay in shared spaces with our family and friends, and as wholesome and comforting as that can be, sometimes all one truly needs is some privacy! In an attempt to “create personal space and sanctuary in shared spaces”, Megan Yeo designed ‘Mado’. Mado is more than just a piece of furniture or a partitioning system, it functions as a frame for our mannerisms and body language, helping us express our boundaries.

The minimal piece was created via a quick ideation process involving cardboard models, sketching, and a metal fabrication process consisting pipe bending, drilling and 3D printing of parts. The end result was a malleable design that can be transformed according to your needs.

In its open form, the wings of Mado are folded back, allowing people to sit, interact, and socialise. Whereas, in its enclosed state, Mado performs the opposite function. The wings can be folded inwards to create a private and comfortable pod, wherein one can sit and enjoy their own personal space. Mado’s height can also be adjusted, so it can switch between a low and high back seat, whenever necessary. The curved seating platform encourages us to sit in the centre, and lay in positions that are comfy and restful.

The seat has been designed to be low, drawing influence from the floor chairs in Japanese culture. It allows you to sit closer to the ground, and is said to promote relaxation and meditation – two things we all need a little more of in our lives!

Designer: Megan Yeo