This adaptable food bowl for dogs was designed with a customizable stand to match your dog’s height!

Nest Bowl is a food and water bowl designed for dogs with an optional, silicone-lined stand that elevates the food bowl so that your dog won’t have to strain their necks every meal.

Pet food bowls aren’t the most adaptable products on the market. As our dogs grow older, straining their necks to meet low-rising food and water bowls might make eating and drinking feel like a chore. It’s important that dogs can eat and drink comfortably when the need arises. Seoul-based creative design studio found / Founded conceptualized a food and water bowl for dogs called Nest Bowl that integrates a removable stand to provide some leverage for your pup when they’re thirsty or hungry.

Designed with a hexagonal shape to keep the food in place better than a round bowl, dogs can really lick their bowl clean with Nest Bowl. Coming in two different sizes, Nest Bowl’s elevated stands are included to elevate the food bowl so that it meets your dog’s height, allowing your pup to eat without having to strain their neck. In addition to its customizable height, users can choose a dual-tone color scheme to match their dog’s personality and home decor.

Each Nest Bowl stand is also lined with a silicone band that wraps around the interior hexagonal shape to ensure that the food and water bowls do not slip. Finally, the bottom of each food stand comes with silicone foot grips to remain in one position on your kitchen floor even when your pup is chowing down and making a mess of lunch.

As dogs grow older, lowering their necks to meet their food and water bowls becomes a strain. It’s for this reason that a taller food bowl is often recommended for aging dogs. With Nest Bowl, your dog’s food bowl will adapt as their physical needs change. With a removable stand, Nest Bowl will rise to meet the changing physical needs of your pup.

Designer: found / Founded

Coming in an array of colors, Nest Bowl can match your kitchen and dog’s personality.