This Polaroid Go idea could catapult the instant camera into low-light photography segment

Pocket-sized instant cameras don’t have the best results professionals can rely upon, but these do have their own market. So, whether you like the compactness of the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 or the cuteness of the Polaroid Go camera, you’re in the domain where love for instant cameras is paramount. To toil your senses further, an artist has revealed a fresh new design to the already exciting and charming Polaroid Go with its special edition concept.

I am a big fan of Polaroid cameras; they have for generations been the go-to instant cameras and their film quality has been above par for their credit. Family and friends have captured memories on the fly using an ultra-compact instant Polaroid camera that in recent generations, especially with the Go edition, is white and amiable. It pleases the eye and the photography enthusiast in one portable design that has gone through drastic makeover through the years.

The most exciting new Polaroid Go has proven its stance in the instant camera market. It comes for an affordable $99.99 and fits in the palm of the hand to snapshots with point and shoot convenience. It’s a standout feature in the selfie mirror on the viewfinder, which can be used to align well for a perfect selfie before the self-timer kicks in.

The Polaroid Go is already equipped with standout features like double exposure, a selfie timer, and a throwback design that rekindles the nostalgia for Polaroid cameras of yesteryears. Designer JK Captain who is already reckoned for his retro-futuristic computer from the Loki series, believes the white plastic-bodied Polaroid Go featuring splashes of color, has some scope for improvement.

To present an idea Polaroid would want to look at closely, the designer has added a manual focus lens right below the company’s signature rainbow stipe logo for more precise focusing and better low-light photography. The portable camera is provided with three colorful buttons for Exposure, Timing, and Autofocus, alongside the zoom in, zoom out buttons. The overall design scheme from the Polaroid Go remains the same, however, the ingenious additions will make the Polaroid Go special edition create some ripples in the instant camera industry.

Designer: JK Captain