This doghouse that doubles up as a modular sofa has been designed for millennials and their pets!

Our pets are a lot more than simply ‘our pets’, they’re our best friends, family, and constant companions. And my two fluffy Persian cats are like my babies! My ultimate aim in life is to keep them happy and satisfied, and I’m sure that’s the case with most pet owners. We want to give our pets the world, and sometimes the world comes in the form of fun and cosy pet products! One such product is the Playground by Ming-Wei Xiao.

The Playground is a doghouse that also alternates as a modular sofa! The various modules of the sofa can be arranged creating not only different sofa designs but also fun spaces wherein your doggo can hop, bounce and play about! The wooden doghouse on one side of the furniture piece seems super comfy and adorable! A little hole on its roof, allows your dog to pop his head out of the doghouse, and connect/interact with you while you lounge about on the sofa. It’s the perfect way to spend quality time! Xiao designed Playground, especially for millennial pet owners. The designer kept in mind that the homes of millennials often have space constraints, and nor do they have much free time on their hand. Hence, Playground is extremely easy to put together, and will not occupy much space in our modern-day cramped apartments. Since Playground was created for young target customers, Xiao tried to give it a trendy and cool appearance! Bright colors, minimal woodwork, and a little plant give the furniture design a modern appeal.

Playground is a fun and interactive product design, that helps pet owners and their pets connect better. Its minimal and attractive aesthetics also allow it to seamlessly merge with the interiors of any living space. Playground is the perfect pet product for millennials!

Designer: Ming-Wei Xiao