Top 10 EDC Designs of 2021

They say that big things come in small packages, and that certainly stands true for EDCs! EDCs may seem small in size, but they are mighty in their functionality and use! These smart little tools can come in handy anytime anywhere, helping you out of the trickiest situations, and sometimes even quite possibly saving lives! You could be carrying an EDC for days with no real use until, in a time of need, it’ll magically come to your rescue, proving its true value. These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks. And, we’ve curated the best EDC designs we’ve seen in a while! From a wearable multitool EDC shaped like a ring to a tiny titanium EDC multitool that will replace your entire toolkit– these innovative product designs promise to have your back no matter what!

1. The Tool Ring

Meet the Tool Ring, a finger-worn EDC that can do everything from open bottles and boxes to tighten screws, and even sign documents while you’re at it. The uniquely shaped ring comes with space to dock various hex-shape bits, making it possibly the smallest toolkit in the world. The Tool Ring is exactly the kind of product you get from someone like Vanik Piliguian, an Industrial Designer born in a family of jewelers. Made from titanium the ring acts as a holder for the Tool Ring’s ecosystem of hex-bits, which include a Philips-head screwdriver, a ballpoint pen, a box-cutter, and a flashlight. Independently, the ring sits comfortably on your finger and even has a unique appearance that is also capable of being used as a mini pry tool for opening lids.

2. The PICHI X2

About the same size as a french fry, the PICHI X2 may be the most versatile piece of EDC just yet. Crafted entirely from titanium, it works as a multi-size wrench, a scalpel/knife, a crowbar, and even a high-torque holder for any hex bits you’ve got. Designed to replace your entire arsenal of wrenches and screwdrivers, the PICHI X2 is about as brilliantly versatile as it is ridiculously tiny… and in between tasks, its integrated bottle opener lets you stay cool while on the job.

3. The Survival Belt 2.0

The Survival Belt 2.0 sports a buckle made from glass-filled nylon, which gives it its rugged durability while ensuring the buckle still remains pretty light. Within the buckle sits a fold-out knife forged from AUS-8 Stainless Steel with a Titanium Nitride coating for extra toughness. The knife, albeit pretty small (considering it fits in a belt buckle), sports a drop-point blade that proves to be incredibly handy for its size, working exceptionally well at piercing, cutting, and whittling. When not in use, it folds right into the buckle, concealing the blade edge for safety purposes, while conveniently revealing the bottle opener built into the opposite side of the blade.

4. The Redstone

The first thing that hits you with the Redstone is its color-way. Titled ‘Coral + Turquoise’, it looks immediately like a Nintendo Switch accessory, and that association gives the outdoor knife its friendly, approachable, lovable nature. Pop open the fold-out blade, however, and you’ve got a deceptively sharp, extremely capable drop-point knife with a serrated end that’s versatile enough to pierce, slice, score, whittle, and even chop tough objects like twigs and paracord. The knife, measuring a neat 6.2″ when open, is perfectly handy for any task you throw at it, and when closed, fits right back into your pocket, securing to the fabric with its pocket clip.

5. The Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit

Titanium… The toughest, most lightweight material known to mankind. Sounds like a little overkill to use it to make cutlery, right? Well, the SporKit isn’t the kind of cutlery that plays by the rules. Designed to be compact, useful, sleek, and so insanely durable, it could be used on a human colony on Mars 100 years from now, the Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit is a nifty little piece of travel cutlery that hopes to swear you off the plastic, wood, or any of those single-use biodegradable cutlery sets. It’s small and fits right into your pocket, and comes with a two-part design that, when assembled, lets you eat anything from salads to steaks, and then finish off with some dessert.

6. The GPCA X Clip PRO

Designed as a heavy-duty carabiner-leash, the GPCA X Clip PRO is, well, for heavy-duty dogs. It comes with a CNC-machined 360clip that easily clips onto any dog collar or harness, offering a better user experience than traditional clasps, which are fiddly and fragile at best. The 360clip is thicker and comes machined out of solid stainless steel. It clips onto any D-ring with absolute ease, and a diamond-knurled grip makes it easy to maneuver for humans, allowing you to slip it on or off with ease. The 360clip even supports a special no-pull leash looping formation, formulated via the GPCA team.

7. The Donut Cutter

With plastic water bottles being some of the biggest contributors to PET plastic waste in landfills, industrial design studio BKID Co. constructed an EDC Donut Cutter that carves right through the bottle cap, neck ring, and plastic label to streamline the recycling process and prevent hard plastics from harming wild and aquatic life. We’ve all seen the tragic photographs of turtles stuck in plastic yokes and birds choking on bottle caps. While PET plastics are certainly the most common form of thermoplastic polymer resin today, they’re also the most damaging to the planet.

8. Ropler

Meet Ropler, a ruler designed to measure distance in 3D space while having the customary function of a ruler and a tape measure. The idea of the tool is pretty simple, yet very intuitive for practical usage. You can measure the circumference of a camera lens or take measurements of a complex vase with accuracy. The pointer on the Ropler moves as you pull out the rope, and the amount of rope pulled is pointed out by the number on the scale. To shorten the extra length of rope pulled, simply push the pointer back to the required point.

9. The Emerson Waves

On, the standout Emerson Wave knives come shining with a curved blade for clean slashing through dense material. Finished in Black Idroglider and made from stainless steel, the Emerson Wave karambit blade is constructed for the long haul. While Emerson Wave knife deployment offers convenience and efficiency, it also promotes user safety, ensuring that while the karambit is inside the pocket, the knife will not dislodge. Built using some of the strongest stainless steel available, many of the Emerson Wave deployment tools are constructed in Italy from NC690Co Stainless Steel. The Emerson Wave karambit collection also features knives that come fitted with safety finger rings and ergonomic handles for intuitive operation.

10. The KeySmart Max smart key organizer

A 14 key organizer EDC that doubles as a Tile tracker for gadgets and accessories. It also functions as a flashlight – making it an essential tool to have in your pocket. Meet the KeySmart Max smart key organizer that brings to the EDC world a distinct USP with its sleek design and features hand-picked for those precarious times. Designed by STEL Design the EDC is at core a key organizer that performs double duty as an accessory to locate your lost gadgets or important things. The multitool is loaded with Tile Smart Technology to track the location of gadgets, you have a knack of losing every now and then. For example key fobs, wallet, phone, or anything else that matters the most.