This 14 key multitool is a true EDC, holding a bright flashlight and doubling as a Tile tracker!

A 14 key organizer EDC that doubles as a Tile tracker for gadgets and accessories. It also functions as a flashlight – making it an essential tool to have in your pocket.

Meet the KeySmart Max smart key organizer that brings to the EDC world a distinct USP with its sleek design and features hand-picked for those precarious times. Designed by STEL Design the EDC is at core a key organizer that performs double duty as an accessory to locate your lost gadgets or important things. The multitool is loaded with Tile Smart Technology to track the location of gadgets, you have a knack of losing every now and then. For example key fobs, wallet, phone, or anything else that matters the most.

KeySmart Max can hold up to 14 keys and the Tile tracking functionality comes courtesy of the Bluetooth module (with 150feet Bluetooth range) fitted inside the compact housing. It can even double as a bright LED flashlight – saving you from the need to carry a dedicated LED flashlight to your adventure or travel trips. The tool has a battery life of 60 days, so be rest assured it can serve you on longer expeditions too. Plus it has a loud ringtone mode, just in case you manage to lose it in the pocket of old jeans or drawer.

That’s not it, the multi-tool functions as a bottle opener and flathead screwdriver too. So, in a way you can rely on this essential accessory for your normal day-to-day tasks as well. Coming on to the form factor, the sleekly designed EDC is created for everyday convenience, and it shows in the high-quality scratch-resistant built. To top it all the KeySmart Max comes in cool upmarket colors to appeal to any section of the crowd!

Designer: STEL Design