These claw-inspired EDC folding knives use an Emerson Wave deployment method for safe and precise movements!

There are some pretty hardcore EDC multipurpose tools on the market. From plier-based to knife-based tools, they’re trusted across industry lines for their ergonomic build and long-lasting reputation. With so many multi-use tools out there, the nitty-gritty, technical details are what set some tools above others. Edging out fixed knives for folding ones, the world’s leading e-commerce site for karambit tactical knives,, features a whole collection of portable multiuse tools with curved blades that fold down so you can bring them anywhere.

Originally built for farming, multiuse tools are currently used for utility, self-defense, and combat purposes. Knives that use folding and Emerson Wave deployment methods are easy to carry around safely and provide a lot more accuracy during use. As described on their site, Karambit co-owners Phillip Koontz and William Simkins say, “Emerson Wave Karambits feature a patented wave-shaped opening mechanism that allows a karambit to open instantly as it’s removed from the pocket.”

On, the standout Emerson Wave knives come shining with a curved blade for clean slashing through dense material. Finished in Black Idroglider and made from stainless steel, the Emerson Wave karambit blade is constructed for the long haul. While Emerson Wave knife deployment offers convenience and efficiency, it also promotes user safety, ensuring that while the karambit is inside the pocket, the knife will not dislodge.

Built using some of the strongest stainless steel available, many of the Emerson Wave deployment tools are constructed in Italy from NC690Co Stainless Steel. The Emerson Wave karambit collection also features knives that come fitted with safety finger rings and ergonomic handles for intuitive operation. Available for reverse and forward grip, the black G10 scales on each tool’s grip make handling each knife a lot safer and enhances the knife’s overall precision rating.


Traditional charm meets a modern steel edge with Karambit’s Emerson Wave multi-use tools.

An added safety ring enhances the knife’s safety features and makes it easy to clip on and carry.

Laden in black G10 scales, the grip is ergonomic to promote convenience and precision.

The Emerson Wave deployment knife explained.