This tiny titanium EDC multitool will practically replace your entire toolkit

About the same size as a french fry, the PICHI X2 may be the most versatile piece of EDC just yet. Crafted entirely from titanium, it works as a multi-size wrench, a scalpel/knife, a crowbar, and even a high-torque holder for any hex bits you’ve got. Designed to replace your entire arsenal of wrenches and screwdrivers, the PICHI X2 is about as brilliantly versatile as it is ridiculously tiny… and in between tasks, its integrated bottle opener lets you stay cool while on the job.


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The beauty of something like the PICHI X2 is that it isn’t strictly an outdoor tool or a bicycle tool. It doesn’t bind itself to a particular category or nature of usage, but instead, tries to fit as much as it can within its small form factor, making it pretty much universally useful. Sure, the multitool EDC can tighten and open nuts and bolts as well as work as a hex-bit holder to work with screws too, letting you use it around the house, on your car/bike, for plumbing, or just about anywhere… but the PICHI X2’s blade also works as a nifty knife, a box-cutter, as well as a stationery sharpener, while the crowbar lends itself to a variety of use-cases, from popping open jars to prying lids off paint-cans, to even taking off staples!

The PICHI X2’s ridiculously tiny size is possible thanks, in part to good design and engineering, but also to the fact that the EDC multitool is made entirely from Grade 5 Titanium. The entire contraption weighs a mere 44 grams and is slim enough to slide right into pockets, although it comes with a carabiner clip and a leather holster to class things up. Its design features a multi-size wrench on one end, and a foldable blade holder on the other, which accommodates your standard replaceable No. 11 surgical blades. The blade swivels open with a satisfying click, thanks to the ceramic bead locking system, and closes shut when you’re done, concealing the edge to ensure the PICHI X2 can safely sit in your pocket. The PICHI X2 also features a magnetized screwdriver slot that fits 1/4-inch hex bits (working comfortably with any existing bits you may own), and the angled crowbar and bottle opener really speak for themselves!

Each PICHI X2 sports a stone-washed finish that one could argue is a modern classic when it comes to everyday carries. The multitool is entirely scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and practically impervious to damage. While it doesn’t come with a warranty or guarantee, the PICHI X2 should easily outlive your entire steel toolkit, lasting on an average 350% longer than traditional tools. The tiny, versatile, lightweight EDC multitool ships for $78, and for an extra $20, you can even grab the leather holster and carabiner clip, allowing you to proudly carry your PICHI X2 everywhere you go.

Click Here to Buy Now: $91 $111 (18% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $330,000.