This 3D shape measuring design is an obvious evolution of the ruler, making it a must have EDC

A simple-looking ruler that’ll surprise you with its ability to measure everyday objects with pinpoint accuracy – sans any maths involved. The best thing is it fits in your pocket or in the backpack without taking much space!

Measuring things that have complex shapes involves a lot of mathematics – and frankly, it is not everybody’s cup of tea. Moreover, in day-to-day life, one wants to get complex measurements done in the most convenient way. After all who wants to search for complex tools or get hold of nerdy friends to do such calculations? This calls for a measuring stationery tool that can measure the length of 3D objects, curved shapes or anything else that falls in between.

Meet Ropler, a ruler designed to measure distance in 3D space while having the customary function of a ruler and a tape measure. The idea of the tool is pretty simple, yet very intuitive for practical usage. You can measure the circumference of a camera lens or take measurements of a complex vase with accuracy. The pointer on the Ropler moves as you pull out the rope, and the amount of rope pulled is pointed out by the number on the scale. To shorten the extra length of rope pulled, simply push the pointer back to the required point.

The nifty measuring tool comes with the added function of drawing perfect circles of radius up to 29.7 cm. The silver lining of the tool is its ruler-like form factor that fits in your pocket. When it’s time to measure complex-shaped objects the tool is right there to solve your problem in a jiffy. The designers have put a lot of thought into creating the Ropler, and I appreciate the effort for its pure ingenuity!

Designer: Ethan Chiang and Zhang Haoping