The Survival Belt 2.0 comes with a multitool-equipped buckle, making it an essential EDC must-have

Great for carrying everywhere you go… except probably an airport.

The big problem with EDC is often that either you forget to carry it with you, or you end up not having enough pocket space to carry it with you – the Survival Belt 2.0 by SlideBelts solves that. Designed to give you access to essential multitools by strapping them around your waist, the Survival Belt 2.0 is a pretty nifty belt buckle that comes with its own folding knife, bottle opener, flint firestarter, and LED torch. The buckle fits on practically any belt (although SlideBelts has a pretty remarkable one of their own), turning a fashion accessory into your everyday EDC, so all your tools are eternally attached to your waist, like a modern-day Batman’s utility belt.

Designer: SlideBelts

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The Survival Belt started as a successful Kickstarter campaign, blossoming into an EDC multitool gadget that’s now in its second iteration. In its version 2.0, the belt comes with a ratchet mechanism that lets you secure it tightly around your waist, while the buckle holds four of the most essential tools you’ll ever need outdoors. “Carry Less. Adventure More”, as its creators say.

The Survival Belt 2.0 sports a buckle made from glass-filled nylon, which gives it its rugged durability while ensuring the buckle still remains pretty light. Within the buckle sits a fold-out knife forged from AUS-8 Stainless Steel with a Titanium Nitride coating for extra toughness. The knife, albeit pretty small (considering it fits in a belt buckle), sports a drop-point blade that proves to be incredibly handy for its size, working exceptionally well at piercing, cutting, and whittling. When not in use, it folds right into the buckle, concealing the blade edge for safety purposes, while conveniently revealing the bottle opener built into the opposite side of the blade.

The multitool EDC buckle also comes with a handy flint docked within it, allowing you to start fires outdoors by running the knife’s blade along the flint’s cylindrical design. The firestarter works in all weather conditions (including rain or snow) thanks to the use of ferrocerium, which functions even when wet. On the reverse end of the flint sits a tiny, but powerful LED torch that runs on 4 LR621 batteries and emits just about enough brightness to get you around in the pitch dark.

Designed to give you convenience in a compact avatar, the Survival Belt 2.0 makes carrying EDC an absolute breeze. The tools remain strapped to your waist, not only making them easy to access, but also ensuring that you never really have to worry about how or where you’re going to carry them. The Survival Belt 2.0 comes with a one-size-fits-all design, and will accommodate up to a 48″ waist. The strap is 1.5″ wide, and the buckle measures 1.96″ x 3.75″. The belts come in 4 colors, and you’ve got the option of getting either a plain buckle, or one with a personalized engraved design. Each Survival Belt 2.0 ships with a 1-year warranty, and is available on the site for $150.

Click Here to Buy Now: $150