This titanium EDC spork is so incredibly durable, your grandchildren will be taking it on adventures…

Titanium… The toughest, most lightweight material known to mankind. Sounds like a little overkill to use it to make cutlery, right? Well, the SporKit isn’t the kind of cutlery that plays by the rules. Designed to be compact, useful, sleek, and so insanely durable, it could be used on a human colony on Mars a 100 years from now, the Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit is a nifty little piece of travel cutlery that hopes to swear you off plastic, wood, or any of those single-use biodegradable cutlery sets. It’s small and fits right into your pocket, and comes with a two-part design that, when assembled, lets you eat anything from salads to steaks, and then finish off with some dessert.

Designer: A. John Heller-Venida

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably aware that single-use plastic cutlery is literally the worst thing ever invented. It takes seconds to manufacture, minutes to use, and then lasts in our soils and oceans for thousands of years… the alternatives aren’t too much better either. Wooden spoons still require cutting trees, plus they’re fragile and are designed to be flat, making them practically useless. Biodegradable cutlery doesn’t really solve the problem either, since it doesn’t address the problem that is the use-and-throw culture. Sure, you could just carry stainless steel spoons and forks from your kitchen with you wherever you go, but they’re definitely not designed for traveling. SporKit addresses all the aforementioned problems by being highly durable, compact, lightweight, and versatile. The spork shape makes it easy to eat all sorts of foods, from ramen to ribs, and the fact that it’s made from CP1 titanium means it’s lightweight, anti-corrosive, anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and practically indestructible. The makers of the SporKit mention that it won’t last a lifetime… it’ll last multiple lifetimes.

The Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit comes with a two-part design, enclosed within an easy-carry fabric sleeve. The two parts, i.e., the spork and the handle, snap together to create cutlery that’s easy to grip, and at 150mm long, that’s long enough for stirring, serving, and eating too. As an added bonus, the SporKit can even be used without its snap-on handle, making it even more portable.

Press release button through slot to Clip-Off. Clip-In into slot to until it click locks.

Just the spork element itself measures 104mm, and comes with a channel that’s sufficiently long enough to grip onto (it’s sort of like sketching with a small pencil), and a negative cavity on the channel lets you even slide a carabiner clip in, allowing you to carry your SporKit independently, suspended to the belt loop on your pants, or your backpack while traveling. Go ahead and grab a Ti-Ultra êkö SporKit at its early-bird price of $30. Each SporKit comes with its fabric carrying-case, and ships in December 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $30 $50 (40% off). Hurry, only 5/40 left!