Dyson-inspired Designs that perfectly capture the essence, ingenuity and brilliance of the tech giant!

Dyson is by far, one of the most innovative companies ever! It transformed our mundane household appliances into intriguing products that make everyday chores an absolute blast. Did you ever think you could care so much about a vacuum cleaner? Me neither! The British tech giant has inspired designers to adopt its unique design language, and create some mindblowing Dyson-inspired products, automotive, appliances, and what not! And, we’ve curated some of the most awe-inspiring designs for you. From a Dyson-inspired urban bicycle concept to a conceptual Dyson ventilator – these innovative designs perfectly capture the essence, ingenuity, and brilliance of Dyson completely. And, we do hope Dyson could consider converting some of these cool concepts into the real deal someday. Enjoy!

1. Dyson EV

Let me present to you the Dyson EV, by Graham Hutchings. Designed as a fun exercise, Hutchings took Dyson’s brand and products and rather than using them as inspiration, turned them into building blocks. What you’re seeing is an EV that was literally put together as a 3D collage of Dyson’s famous products, all of which are pretty distinguishable if you take a closer look! The car comes with wheels that borrow directly from Dyson’s ball vacuum, as well as a multi-cylinder rear exhaust that’s a standard element in Dyson’s vacuum line too. Move over to the front and the car comes with an engine-cooling air-intake inspired by Dyson’s Airblade hand-blower, and if you look at its headlights with a keen eye, you may just see the iconic shapes of the Bladeless fan too.

2. WuShuai’s Mosquito Repelling Device

Conceptualized using the design language and semantics of Dyson, WuShuai, a Beijing-based industrial designer, designed a battery-operated mosquito-repelling device that can adhere to the underside of any table. Envisioned for restaurants with outdoor seating, WuShuai’s mosquito-repelling device is currently conceptualized to cling onto the underside of tables, automatically buzzing on as soon as it adheres to a surface. Using the design language and semantics of Dyson led WuShuai to develop their mosquito-repelling device on the background of airflow. A low-power fan located in the center of the device, “is used to accelerate the volatilization of the mosquito repellent, so that the mosquito repellent can be powered by a battery.”

3. Coinvenience

Making it more convenient for everyone’s use, Coinvenience is a new ticket machine designed to adapt to changing daylight and heights to meet people where they are. Inspired by the Dyson Tower Fan’s ingenious bladeless build, Coinvenience encases its ticket machine inside of a multifunctional metal shroud. Addressing the conventional ticket machine’s lack of adaptive lighting fixtures, Coinvenience is wrapped in a metal shroud that blocks sun glare from obstructing the machine’s main control display.

4. The Dyson Bike

The Dyson Bike started as a mere warmup sketching exercise for Rashid Tagirov in 2019. Seeing how the aesthetic began taking shape, and finding himself with extra time on his hands in 2020, Tagirov decided to take his sketch to the next level and flesh it out in 3D. The Dyson Bike champions the British appliance company’s design language, turning mundane geometric forms into a well-balanced thing of beauty. A uniting factor between Tagirov’s bike and Dyson’s products is the form-separation. Just like with Dyson’s product range, the conceptual bike breaks down the silhouette of a motorcycle into distinct, recognizable parts.

5. Ventila

This conceptual Dyson air purifier, Ventila, is specifically designed to combat the fine dust problem in city farms. Ventila’s aim is to improve the ventilation system in these farms to create a healthier environment that results in a quality crop – pesticides are not the only toxins we consume and we must learn to be more aware of where we source our food from. Ventila has a simple but effective mechanism, it creates a barrier by merging vapor with fine dust. When both combine, the mere weight of the particle makes it drop to the ground with the water. Condensation but now it wears a cape!

6. Stalae

Merging an abstract sculptural look with a metallic chrome finish, Stalae is a portable home speaker designed by Lucis Ceng to bring the subtle taste of sculptural work to electronic design. While Stelae’s physical build is reminiscent of a Dyson fan’s, the inspiration for Stelae’s distinct form stems from sculpture work. Standing out from other home entertainment systems, Stelae’s speaker plumes from its circular base into the shape of a feather for a slim design that doesn’t take up too much room on the coffee table. The long tube-like portion of Stelae is also lined with four woofers.

7. The Dyson Urban Bike

The Dyson Urban Bike has distinct aluminum tubes not fused into each other for an additive look on closer inspection. The difference from usual bicycle designs is the mini frame supporting the rider proportions, and having a shorter and lighter footprint. The power assistance of the ride comes courtesy of the battery and propulsion components housed inside the rear hub assembly. You see that blue ring on the bike frame – that’s the internal engineering well concealed from the unassuming eyes. Following the tubular design approach (remember it has Dyson roots), the designer gives the handlebar a constant diameter for matte semi-transparent grip and visually clean aesthetics. There’s a small rounded screen displaying only the bare necessary information for minimalism.

8. The Ciclotte Bike

The Ciclotte Bike has a strong potential to take over the market with its sleek and space-saving design. The Dyson-inspired aesthetics give it a big edge over the traditional stationary bikes, this almost looks like an accent piece for your living room! This Italian-made workout equipment bike can incorporate all your online training sessions and spin class modules while giving you the best form design currently offers. The frame is designed to adapt to the 5 spinning positions and looks like a luxury design that is not an eyesore, especially when not in use.

9. Solace

Solace is a scalable and sustainable solution to grow food in small spaces. It has a system that uses wick moisture with a biostrate grow mat and automatic lighting which makes it easy for beginners to start their home gardens. The appliance is also integrated with an intuitive app that guides you through germination, growing, and harvesting phases. The circular design increases the functionality of the product by utilizing available space instead of spreading out further. The growing light also serves as a lovely ambient light or night light – the design has a simple yet futuristic aesthetic – a lot like the Dyson circular fan actually. It has a detachable rechargeable battery and I think if it ever goes into production, the team should consider making the battery solar powered so it makes Solace even more sustainable.

10. The Dyson Moovo

Moovo’s design incorporates Dyson’s sleek and simplified aesthetics with their powerful engineering into an efficient electric scooter that you would be proud to own. The handlebar integrates the workings of a CPU that lets you control certain features of the scooter through its display like folding the handlebar or visualizing your trip’s data. The screen is anti-reflective so that you can look at the data under any light condition when outside. It features a 300W brushless motor in the front hub with a drum brake in the rear wheel and translucent mudguards to reduce visual weight on both ends. There is easy control for the throttle along with a brake lever that is also included in the handlebar. Soft plugs guard the ends of the handlebar and absorb impact.