Airbags of a Different Kind

It’s futile to ask how many of you have been victims to airline staff manhandling your luggage that result in damaged bags or broken stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there, which is why we need bags like the Air Pack. The ballooning of the air cushion acts as an impact-absorbing buffer and protects the fragile items placed in the bag. The only problem I foresee is the additional weight that will be brought on. Hopefully a refined version can factor this in.

Designers: Eun-ji Jeong, You-jeong Lee & Jun-sick Kim


  • Djecko says:

    Seems like a good idea, but I’m not sure what I’d do if something inside were to break because of the air padding. Not everything in my suitcase is as leveled and planar as in the diagram.

  • Rina says:

    Whoa! That’s like bubblewrap with my luggage! Amazing idea!

  • Advisorboard says:

    That’s a lot of space wastage because of the air. I recommend that an alternative be to have an outer case and an inner case. and in between a shock absorber of some kind. Springs, foam, gel.
    Nevertheless, great idea!

  • jenny says:

    something tells me i’m going to snap my ipad or something while inflating my luggage.

  • osb says:

    The idea is similar with this design which awarded Red dot 2011 !!

    Also the details of suit case render shots and the arrangement of images & infographics are too similar..

  • Marzaday says:

    This solution is all well and good if you only travel light (one or two t-shirts etc). With the addition of air bags and pumps there is no room for the actual contents of the suitcase…..the reason it is needed in the first place(shrinking the clothes in Photoshop does not happen in real life either).

    There are other less space hungry alternatives to air bags for shock and impact absorption that would perform this job better. Not selling anything here but I work for one of the better known orange ones.

    OSB – The difference between this idea and the Vacuum packed suitcase is the Vacuum one removes air to create more space and is therefore a useful benefit.

    adding a plus note: Possibly combining the two ideas would work?

  • mikeflower says:

    Hi, What happened to teh bag in depressurized cabin like the cargo? It will add extra pressure. Maybe it’s not needed to inflate anything.


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  • Digital Forge says:

    Should be interesting when people start filling them with hydrogen and bringing them onto planes for nefarious reasons.

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