This conceptual Dyson racecar is a 3D mashup of its most famous products!

I mean, this Dyson car isn’t intended for the road, but if it were, it would surely ‘blow’ its competitors away! Now that I got that joke out of my system, let me present to you the Dyson EV, by Graham Hutchings. Designed as a fun exercise, Hutchings took Dyson’s brand and products and rather than using them as inspiration, turned them into building blocks. What you’re seeing is an EV that was literally put together as a 3D collage of Dyson’s famous products, all of which are pretty distinguishable if you take a closer look!

The car comes with wheels that borrow directly from Dyson’s ball vacuum, as well as a multi-cylinder rear exhaust that’s a standard element in Dyson’s vacuum line too. Move over to the front and the car comes with an engine-cooling air-intake inspired by Dyson’s Airblade hand-blower, and if you look at its headlights with a keen eye, you may just see the iconic shapes of the Bladeless fan too. The car employs Dyson’s signature color combinations too, and my favorite detail on the vehicle by far has to be those Supersonic hair-dryer-inspired rear-view mirrors! Pretty neat, eh??

Designer: Graham Hutchings