This Dyson-inspired e-scooter can turn you into an electric vehicle ‘fan’

Dyson is hands down one of the most innovative companies out there. Before Dyson, did you ever follow any company that made vacuums on Instagram? It single-handedly turned vacuums into a status symbol and then ventured into playing the tech fairy godmother while transforming all the other pumpkin household appliances. Dyson has inspired many designers to adapt their style and create some amazing concepts, our recent favorite is the Dyson Moovo – an electric scooter modeled after their signature product designs featuring clean lines.

Electric scooters are soon going to become a preferred mode of transport for city commuters as they are environmentally friendly and easier on the pocket than a Tesla. Moovo’s design incorporates Dyson’s sleek and simplified aesthetics with their powerful engineering into an efficient electric scooter that you would be proud to own. The handlebar integrates the workings of a CPU that lets you control certain features of the scooter through its display like folding the handlebar or visualizing your trip’s data. The screen is anti-reflective so that you can look at the data under any light condition when outside. It features a 300W brushless motor in the front hub with a drum brake in the rear wheel and translucent mudguards to reduce visual weight on both ends. There is an easy control for the throttle along with a brake lever that is also included in the handlebar. Soft plugs guard the ends of the handlebar and absorb impact.

You can also adjust the height according to the rider and the anti-slip surface ensures their comfort + safety. Lock and unlock your scooter with your fingerprint and we won’t be surprised if this moves towards facial recognition in the future. The base features a sliding lock mechanism to detach the battery when needed and a sliding stand to make it stay upright effortlessly. The Dyson Moovo has the power to convert many people into electric scooter fans just as they turned many adults into Monica Gellers who love to clean!

Designer: Iago Valiño