Here’s a Dyson motorcycle concept that doesn’t ‘suck’!

You’ll blow right past your opponents…

Alright, enough with the Dyson puns. They don’t have that much wind in them (Okay, I promise that was the last one).

The Dyson Bike started as a mere warmup sketching exercise for Rashid Tagirov in 2019. Seeing how the aesthetic began taking shape, and finding himself with extra time on his hands in 2020, Tagirov decided to take his sketch to the next level and flesh it out in 3D. The Dyson Bike champions the British appliance company’s design language, turning mundane geometric forms into a well-balanced thing of beauty.

A uniting factor between Tagirov’s bike and Dyson’s products is the form-separation. Just like with Dyson’s product range, the conceptual bike breaks down the silhouette of a motorcycle into distinct, recognizable parts. The two wheels stand at the front and rear with hub-based motors on each of them, while the main mass is split into two masses, ostensibly the battery, and the bike’s main control unit. The seat protrudes right out of the main body, while arguably the most interesting feature is the bike’s dashboard, a thick translucent panel with a built-in LCD display that comes to life when you hit the ignition.

Pretty cool, eh? (And that wasn’t a reference to the bladeless fan)

Designer: Rashid Tagirov