This portable home speaker is a sculptural design that rocks a very Dyson-like aesthetic!

Reminiscent of a Dyson fan, Stelae is a portable home speaker designed to deliver quality audio through a technical build that could be mistaken for a piece of sculptural artwork on your coffee table.

Home speakers have a reputation for looking too high-tech to fit into modern living rooms. When placed beside gleaming photo frames and metallic light fixtures, the wires and bulky build of speakers take away from an otherwise clean, minimal interior design. Merging an abstract sculptural look with a metallic chrome finish, Stalae is a portable home speaker designed by Lucis Ceng to bring the subtle taste of sculptural work to electronic design.

While Stelae’s physical build is reminiscent of a Dyson fan’s, the inspiration for Stelae’s distinct form stems from sculpture work. Standing out from other home entertainment systems, Stelae’s speaker plumes from its circular base into the shape of a feather for a slim design that doesn’t take up too much room on the coffee table. The long tube-like portion of Stelae is also lined with four woofers.

Portable by design, Stelae comes with a wire for at-home charging but can also be run on its charged battery for wireless listening. The vertical control panel of Stelae is located at the top of the speaker, equipped with volume and play buttons, users can also connect to Bluetooth and turn the speaker on and off from the control panel. Along the outer edges of Stelae’s circular base, users can find the speaker’s USB type-c ports to connect their own smartphones and control the music from there.

While speakers are generally seen as bulky electronic hardware, Stelae looks to sculpture work to solidify itself as a statement interior design product, seamlessly blending in with other artwork around the house. Since Stelae is also portable, the artful design can be taken anywhere – from the beach to the streets.

Designer: Lucis Ceng

Inspired by sculptural artwork, Stelae has an appealing and distinct design.

The transparent tube-like portion of Stelae houses the speaker’s woofers.

Finished in chrome, Stelae merges sculptural artwork with electronic tech design.