This Dyson-inspired minimal exercise bike might replace your bulky Peloton!

No hate on Peloton, but the Ciclotte Bike has a strong potential to take over the market with its sleek and space-saving design. The Dyson-inspired aesthetics give it a big edge over the traditional stationary bikes, this almost looks like an accent piece for your living room!

The new normal has enforced us to take a hard look at our indoors – and reinvent the services we depended on that are outside our home. One of the major hits in this scene was the gym and fitness department. Not only were your local yoga studios and power workouts now out of the picture, but we also had to look deep inside and bring in the discipline needed to pull this on an everyday basis minus the peer pressure of missing a class. Your workout may be sorted but the next step was to have a workout setup that would match your interior design instead of looking like a hulk-inspired monolithic gadget that takes up half the real estate. The Ciclotte is the solution you need! This Italian-made workout equipment bike can incorporate all your online training sessions and spin class modules while giving you the best form design currently offers. The frame is designed to adapt to the 5 spinning positions and looks like a luxury design that is not an eyesore, especially when not in use.

Your bike should look as fire as you do, to make you feel as fire as you want to be! The Ciclotte is the easy, aesthetic, and luxurious equipment you want as it reflects your aesthetic and your personal style to the max, while keeping you in shape!

Designers: Ciclotte

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