Sleek Yacht Designs that are redefining luxury and providing inspiration to design lovers!

Though I’ve never been on a yacht, one thing is pretty clear – they’re cool as hell! These luxurious vessels are taking over water bodies, and are slowly becoming a preferred means to travel from one destination to another. How exciting would it be to explore beautiful locations in these exotic vehicles? And, we’ve curated a collection of the best yachts we’ve come across. From a conceptual swan-shaped yacht to a futuristic superyacht that doubles up as a floating seaport – this collection of automotive designs will leave you completely impressed, and itching to get aboard one!

Pierpaolo Lazzarini of Lazzarini Design Studio is known for his unique and extraordinary watercraft creations and this swan-shaped concept yacht called ‘Avanguardia’ tops the list. The name means ‘vanguard’ and it comes from the position of its control tower which is perched like a swan’s head. Can you guess which 1970’s Japanese manga unintentionally inspired this? Avanguardia is subdivided into 5 decks and can fit up to 60 passengers. The  ‘swan head’ is the control tower that is used to maneuver this 137-meter long, almost outrageous, yacht. Another interesting feature about the control tower is that it can detach from the ‘neck’ and transform itself into an auxiliary 16-meter boat. When in motion, the mobile control tower can adjust Avanguardia’s position by lowering itself right into the center of the yacht.

The Tecnomar pulls inspiration directly from the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37’s design details (the two even feature together in the video). Outwardly, it’s pretty easy to draw parallels between a car and yacht, simply because they both need to be incredibly aerodynamic and streamlined, but the Tecnomar manages to do so much more to look the part (apart from the angular bodywork, of course). Take for instance the Y-shaped headlights, a detail that’s directly taken from Lamborghini’s playbook (remember the Terzo Millennio), or the zig-zag stepping on the rear of the yacht that’s inspired by the rear profile of the Aventador.

The designer has created the blueprint of the 85-foot superyacht dubbed Drakkar S inspired by the ye olde Viking longships, which’s perfect for newbie sailors who would rather prefer the autonomous luxury of a vessel. To make self-propelling possible, Drakkar S is infused with advanced autopilot and artificial intelligence systems for smart navigation – detecting any underwater obstacles or even estimating the ideal distance for mooring. Even more so, it can be controlled with a smartphone app – that just sets the tone for a future Apple yacht in Silver or even the Space Grey colors.

Elegantly named ‘Saturnia’, this conceptual superyacht is designed to be made entirely with dry carbon fiber structures that will make it 50% lighter than similar-sized vessels and push the top speed up to 30 knots! Saturnia’s main body is subdivided into five floors with an additional area at the top for the antennas. The superyacht can be configured into different layouts to host 10-20 guests in suites along with 20 crew members while also serving as a floating seaport. The concept showcases an all-around walkable deck area with openings on both sides that lift up to reveal the private port which makes Saturnia stand out from the competition. Small tenders with up to 1.5 meters of the draft can moor inside the private port or be easily loaded while the yacht is navigating making it the perfect cruise vessel with the added expansion.

There are over 5,000 superyachts currently on this planet, however, none of them look as impactful as the Estrella. Designed by South Kore-based Yeojin Jung, Estrella hopes to break the mold of ‘boring’ practical superyacht design with something that’s a cross between feasible and outlandishly luxurious. Envisioned to look like the jewel of the seas, Estrella comes made for UHNWIs (or Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, as my sorry self just learned), and sports a split-hull design that divides the yacht into the main component, and two floater components on either side, reminiscent of a seaplane.

Isaac Burrough, a designer from New Zealand, has created a 110 meters long superyacht concept that uses current and future sustainable technologies to maximize the impact. Kiwa is named after the Māori guardian of the ocean which is a fitting name given that its goal is to help the planet through its energy-saving features and sleek design. ‘The intention for Kiwa was to design a superyacht that is both modern and elegant. Her sleek silhouette combined with curvaceous surfaces adds grace despite her exploration capabilities. A yacht that will look sophisticated whether cruising the Mediterranean or the arctic,” says the designer.

Designed to be 300 meters in length and capped with a 13-story-high ‘science sphere’ on top, the Earth 300 was conceptualized by naval architect Iván Salas Jefferson (founder of Iddes Yachts) as the torchbearer of global science, allowing us as a species “to expand our knowledge and understanding of the universe, both above and below the ocean’s surface.” It comes equipped with 22 state-of-the-art laboratories for research, a cantilevered observation deck, and has space for 160 scientists (along with dozens of other experts and student researchers), 164 crew members operating the vessel, and finally 40 additional slots for ‘VIP guests’. However, here’s the most impressive part of the Earth 300 vessel… it runs entirely on ‘clean’ nuclear energy.

The brainchild of Feadship CEO Henk de Vries and the company’s design head Tanno Weeda, the 207-feet (63 meters) Project 3073 was initially designed for a client with the desire for a sleek and sporty megayacht. The result is a seriously elegant all-aluminum sports yacht with sleek lines exuding speed and length. This conceptual yacht exhibits an extended deck, inspired by the long bonnet of the Jaguar E-Type, and features a full-sized glass-bottomed pool right above the owner’s stateroom. It adds to the ambiance and allows light to penetrate right through its floor into the room below. The allure is further enhanced by the open connection between the bridge deck wheelhouse and the main deck saloon – a visionary idea, Feadship believes should see the light of day.

Meet Indah, Malay for “beautiful”, conceived and patented by Florida-based designer Lukasz Opalinski of Opalinski Design House. The 120-meter megayacht concept features the biggest beach club ever thought. In addition to being spacious, this central attraction of the yacht extends into large deck space. This is made possible by the rotating transom bulkheads. This yacht, with the extending beach club, has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. The wide terrace at sea level leads back to the beach club which also features a gym and sauna with tainted glass aft.

Inspired by the shape of a shark, the Prodigium is going to be a 153-meter long carbon fiber and aluminum constructed megayacht equipped with its own port. It will be fashioned to have sufficient space for an additional yacht up to 30 meters long. To be completed with three swimming pools, this shark-inspired vessel will feature Roman architecture-influenced exteriors; two stately columns holding up the upper structure which comprises six decks, and the main living area. This upper level is designed to mimic the jaw of a shark which is not surprising. The hull area below will house the suits, gym, and also an enclosed pool.