InMotion Adventure Unicycle is an electric off-roading beast with tons of power

When it comes to commuting in the urban landscape, personal mobility vehicles win the argument hands down. The ability to maneuver them with ease through jammed vehicular traffic has undoubted advantages. A unicycle is right up there on the list of future mobility accessories for Gen-Z because they are highly personal.

InMotion wants to set sail on this rising trend with their latest electric unicycle that’s powerful enough for hair-raising speeds, and also good when it comes to treading dirt trails and off-road.

Designer: InMotion

It’s not the first time the Chinese e-mobility specialist has created an electric unicycle, but this one tips the scales on a whole new level. Crafted to push the boundaries of exploration, the Adventure electric unicycle has a beefy 4,000 W motor capable of producing 200 Nm (147.5 lb. ft) of torque and 850 N traction force. That translates into a powerful commuter ready to take on steep inclines and uneven terrain with utmost ease.

On level surface, the electric unicycle accelerates from 0 to 50 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and goes at top speed of 110 km/h. That is both thrilling and dangerous if you push the electric motor churning out 9,000W to its limit. It is possible to overclock the motor to deliver 12,000W – which is purely insane – and will be available once the ride hits the roads. Adventure, as the name implies is made for unknown adventures and therefore comes with a more stable configuration dubbed ‘Comfort Mode’ and a power-oriented setting called ‘Sport Mode’ – both of which can be toggled via the companion app.

The 2,400mAh capacity of the four independent batteries comes with a smart battery management system to monitor their performance in real time. According to the maker, all of them combined give around 120 km of range on a single charge. The fast-charging option tops up the battery by 80 percent in an hour’s time. Riding on IPX7-rated, 16-inch wheels fitted with 3-inch wide tires, so sudden downpours should not be an issue.

InMotion is also offering the unicycle with the option of eight rebound damping and 17 compression damping levels for the suspension. This gives the rider complete freedom to configure the unicycle’s riding properties. Other features include an adjustable 1,500-lumen headlight, large anti-slip footplates and impressive tail lights. For those who are already interested in the Adventure electric unicycle, it can be booked for an early bird price tag of $3,299. That said, there is no word on the availability right now.