This sleek pour-over Coffee Brewer’s stainless steel design will enhance making coffee at home!

When evening rolls around and that itch for a cup of coffee comes, pour-overs are the perfect remedy. Designed to make coffee one cup at a time, pour-overs allow complete control over the brewing of your coffee right in the comfort of your kitchen. The coffee grounds fill about a quarter of the brew canister which are then poured over with hot water, giving you control over the flavor extraction and intensity.

Even the package makes the arrangement of X & Y’s components easy to understand. Introducing their take on the brewing system, Kurz Kurz Design unveiled their X & Y pour-over set, featuring a stainless steel gooseneck kettle and brewer coated in charcoal black and cobalt blue. Typically designed as a complete set, pour-over coffee makers are practical and chic additions to any kitchen counter. While we all want the trusted set our barista uses, finding our own at-home pour-over set could bring us even closer to that perfect cup of coffee.

X&Y comes in both charcoal black and cobalt blue. Developed in stainless steel, the gooseneck kettle and filter stand come complete with added thermal insulation from a banded construction. On top of that, a strip of cobalt blue-dyed leather comes with the package specifically designed to wrap around the gooseneck kettle’s handle, doubly ensuring a safe pour.

Kurz Kurz Design balances geometric angles with round glassware. The coffee mugs are constructed from glass and feature stainless steel grips. If the cobalt blue color accents are too poppy for your kitchen counter, Kurz Kurz Design developed a sleek, all-black color option with a brown leather strap for a more minimal and homey look.

Without any need for electrical power, pour-overs are accessible and practical. Geometric shapes fill out the majority of X & Y’s components, with a square filter, stand resting atop a cylindrical glass tumbler. In contrast to the durable stainless steel kettle and filter, the rest of X & Y’s components are constructed from glass, including the coffee mugs and tumbler, so you can watch with bated breath as your coffee pours from the filter into your mug, taking you into the night.

Designer: Kurz Kurz Design