A portable lamp you’ll pick from your work desk every time you head for a camping trip

Whether you’re headed to the backcountry for an overnight camp trip or you’re driving your family in an RV; you’ll need a camping lamp like the Conic -that’s easy to use and convenient to carry – if you’re going to live off-grid!

The gap between outdoor flashlights and lanterns is narrowing with transformation in design. This inventive approach has given birth to a new domain i.e., an outdoor lamp, which double duties and makes sure you’re never found wanting while camping or traveling. Conic is an embodiment of such a design, which is a nice transition from the traditional, boring light sources you’ve been accustomed to packing in your backpack.
Designed primarily for use in outdoor activities; the Conic is a helpful extension of a flashlight, which should come in handy to light up the entire camp or make those two-handed tasks easier to carry out. It will be a great help thus while cooking or maybe when playing board games at the camp.

Designer: Han youngseok, Park Jaehyeon

Lanterns have for years been the go-to equipment for the adventurers. The problem with picking the right kind of lantern is that you have to be sure of the size and weight, thus the portability of the lantern. Conic has taken care of the aspect. In its compact, colorful, conical form factor, the lamp has adhered to the portability of a flashlight and the illumination of a lantern.

And that’s not it! It is equally befitting the indoors. So, once you’ve returned home after the long weekend in the wild, you can with even convenience place the Conic on your work desk. A lamp that accompanies you to the camp and back can be turned on and off by rotating the metal ring on the front. This portion is extendable and even detachable to use the lamp with shade for a nice ambiance.

To make it easy for you to carry it where the road takes you; the Conic comes attached to a carabiner, which means you can clip it to your backpack or hang it high up in the camp so it can function as a light bulb, illuminating the entire area. No matter how you feel about the Conic; it can keep your mobile devices charged on the go with its onboard USB-C port, and never feel out of place in everyday usage!