This ceramic tumbler with a removable glass cup retains your drinks original taste

In a BYOB (bring your own bottle) world, the hodi has you prepared for absolutely every eventuality!

Designed to be virtually the Swiss Army Knife of travel mugs, the hodi has a unique two-part design that splits into two separate glasses – one for hot drinks, another for cold drinks. It even comes with an air-tight lid that doubles up as a container for snacks, and has a mesh filter for brewing drinks in. The hodi works with coffee, tea, juices, milkshakes, beer, wine, soft drinks, and potentially even protein drinks, and above all, it’s just as portable as most normal travel mugs.

Designer: Lucas Chan

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It all starts with hodi’s unique design that’s reminiscent of the iconic Guinness beer glass. With its curvy, tapered design, hodi ensures that its functional experience translates brilliantly into an aesthetic one too. Carry hodi around and it doesn’t look like an overly engineered thermos, it looks like one of the most iconic beverage glasses ever.

hodi’s mug sports a two-part design – an outer ceramic mug and an inner glass mug – that nest together when you need, and detach when you want two separate glasses. When together, they serve as your universal thermos, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. Separate them and now you’ve got two individual tumblers to drink from – a 16oz ceramic mug, and a 12oz glass mug.

Its multiple parts allow the hodi to be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of drinks. Insert the 12oz inner glass tumbler and you’ve got yourself a nice container for chilled beverages like beer, soft drinks, or even cocktails.

Pop the glass tumbler out when you want to pour hot drinks in and the outer 16oz ceramic mug works wonderfully to keep your hot beverages hot.

Used in either format, you’ll avoid condensation too (so no more wet rings on your table) as well as that weird metal smell/taste most travel mugs have.

Plus, the spill-proof lid comes with two levels of security, ensuring nothing ever leaks through into your bag while you’re carrying the hodi around wherever you go (it’s essentially a travel mug after all).

Aside from the hodi’s familiar design and its dual-tumbler system, it comes with a few other accessories that make it more functional. The lid itself comes with an optional, removable tea filter that lets you infuse/brew beverages right inside your travel mug. The filter’s fine mesh keeps the tea-leaves separate from the drink, so as soon as you pop the lid off, the leaves get strained from the beverage, leaving just the tea or the infused drink behind.

If you’re a tea-and-biscuits kind of person (or cookies and milk – who am I to judge), hodi even has its own container module that snaps to the top of the travel mug, allowing you to carry snacks, sugar, or even supplement powders with you. If you’re on medication, a simple X-shaped divider turns the container into a pill-box too!

The hodi comes in multiple color-ways, although the all-black one stands out as a personal favorite, especially for how it looks like a tall glass of cola or lager. It’s perfectly ergonomic to hold, chuck in your bag, or even dock in your car’s cup-holder, and is ideal for everything from soft drinks to tea, milkshakes, coffee (that 16oz can easily hold your Grande order), beer, or if you’re a Cristiano Ronaldo fan, even water!

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $69 (43% off).