This megayacht’s transforming design opens up like a bird’s tail for a deeper interaction with the ocean!

Yachting is about exploring beautiful, untouched locations to connect with nature and your environment. While most vessels – as elaborate as we have seen – keep occupants “confined within the shell,” a new concept of a megayacht presents closer access to the nature it has ventured out to explore. Meet Indah, Malay for “beautiful”, conceived and patented by Florida-based designer Lukasz Opalinski of Opalinski Design House. The 120-meter megayacht concept features the biggest beach club ever thought. In addition to being spacious, this central attraction of the yacht extends into large deck space. This is made possible by the rotating transom bulkheads.

This yacht, with the extending beach club, has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. The wide terrace at sea level leads back to the beach club which also features a gym and sauna with tainted glass aft. The owner would have the option to include a helipad with an optional hangar below the deck. Opalinski Design House dubs this as a “true ocean-going vessel,” which comprises 12 cabins with a massive 5,500 GT interior. 24 guests, with 32 crew at service, can be mesmerized in luxury and personal care on this megayacht featuring a private owner suite directly connected to a dedicated aft balcony.

The idea of rotating bulkheads allows the occupants more usable space at the water level. The seamless transition fashions a closed shell vessel to cruise and when anchored, the beach club can be deployed, guest can immerse themselves in surrounding waters – interact more closely with nature. As Opalinski put it, it’s “more space than just a relatively small swim platform.” It’s “space that can be used for all outdoor activities including water sports,” he adds. Indah is not just exquisitely designed, it is fathomed to have a conscious side for the environment as well.

The vessel is powered by small electric motors requiring less power, have surface coating layered with photovoltaics, and vertical wind turbines on board. Capable of reaching a top speed of 24 knots, truly the Indah megayacht is a new experience on the water no billionaire can deny!

Designer: Opalinski Design House