Sleek kitchen appliances that double as cleaning hacks so you can focus only on your chef dreams!

Raise your hands if you found the perfect recipe you want to try but the thought of cleaning up after made you stop in your tracks? Consider me guilty. My Instagram feed is usually filled with baking recipes I want to try or the latest dumpling cooking technique, but the idea of messing up my immaculate kitchen space and then dedicate over 2 hours to cleaning up the eventual mess is enough too much to do on a Sunday night. The greatest chefs are those who have experimented the most in their kitchen and armed with these kitchen appliances – like a hands-free timer, a kitchen purifier disguised as a lamp, or even a kitchen with a hidden vegetable/dishwasher – I am ready to spend more time cooking rather than cleaning. Now, if only someone would invent self-cleaning plates but till then, let’s not wait to cook up a storm!

Vita Neo was designed and built to create space in the kitchen by merging the kitchen sink and dishwasher. The countertop sink features a stainless steel finish that mimics the jet-black, reflective nature of classic induction stovetops. When inactive, Vita Neo’s surface is continuous and discreet, creating more counter space when cooking or preparing the kitchen. Whenever users choose to activate the dishwasher, a sensor-operated LED display screen brightens up to reveal the different functions of Vita Neo, including vegetable and crustacean-washing along with dishwashing. Built with what appears as a soft-close lid, Vita Neo enacts the use of embedded swing hinges and cushioned, suctioned lining to open and close.

The No-Touch Timer gives you the chance to set the timer hands-free. When it is in its default mode, the device functions like a clock, but when you bring your hands near it, the device transforms into a kitchen timer. You can set the timer hands-free by taking your hands close by to wake the clock up. You can adjust the hands from a distance and the further away you take your hands, the more time is added to the clock.

Gökçe named his design the Fortido Induction Cooker – an innovative yet practical solution for quick, tasty meals in every kitchen type. The lower-level cooktop slides out like a drawer for convenience and is a boon to have as an accessible feature. The design of the radical induction cooker makes it perfect for modern homes that are getting a smaller footprint or even our favorite tiny homes! Fortido is the difference between hot comfort food or a cold, smushed convenience store sandwich for people who frequently change their apartments.


Chopbox is a smart chopping board that has so many unique features but the most relevant one in these ‘unprecedented times’ is the fact that it can actually kill germs on your cooking tools and space! Get rid of counter clutter and those extra kitchen accessories with this much-needed upgrade. You can easily sanitize your knives and cutting surfaces, embrace your inner quarantine chef with germ-free cooking thanks to Chopbox’s built-in disinfecting UVC light – see I told you, this board is lit and literally! We clean our knives but do we ever think about the germs in knife blocks or the crevices of our cutting boards? With Chopbox all you have to do place your knife in between the two cutting surfaces and activate the small but powerful 254nm UVC light that can sanitize up to 3 knives at once as well as both the cutting surfaces. “Just one minute of UVC light exposure is guaranteed to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

Each kitchen is different, there is a large variation in the depths and heights of cabinets and drawers; so the design of this Guttman cooktop was kept lightweight without compromising on the advanced technology and materials. It was important to highlight the drawer during use and assembling all components in a central zone for intuitive user experience – optimizing storage and making cooking a stress-free process. Cooktops are used every day and they have to be durable to endure the constant cleaning and cooking. It can wear down even the most enthusiastic chef and homeowner to maintain appliances. To make this easier all the components were made with precise dimensions so they would fit directly into the dishwasher. This cooktop setup should go straight on top of your kitchen wishlist!

We all have wanted to open the windows at some point when cooking not because of the smell but because of the particles that will be circulated everywhere otherwise. The ‘Keling’ is a conceptual air purifier combined with a kitchen lamp. The bottom is designed to absorb the fine dust generated while cooking while the top emits purified air. The height is adjustable and replacing the filter is more convenient than cleaning the bulky exhausts. You can also sync it with your smartphone to get control lighting, fine dust, cooking, filter, and wind direction through the mobile app.

Rather than living with that old, rancid, smelly trash for 3-4 days, the Alone food-waste processor helps provide a discreet way of disposing of small amounts of food at a time. Its unique right-angled triangular shape helps it easily fit into a corner of your kitchen, and its tall design makes it easy to remove the waste-bin and chuck your stuff in without bending over too much. The Alone food-waste processor then proceeds to break down your food, turning it from waste into a harmless, odorless, nutrient-rich fertilizer you can use in your own backyard or kitchen-garden.

Cooking for the first time can be scary – all that playing with fire literally! The last thing you need is splatters and spills to clean up after. This is where the Frywall comes into play. Fix Frywall around your pan and it always stays on guard, protecting your stovetop even when you stir with a spoon or flip with a spatula. Yet it lets steam escape, so proteins sear without getting soggy. You get the freedom of an open pan, with a lot less mess. And just roll it and store it when not in use! Now experiment fearlessly in the kitchen!

There’s something simple and beautiful about this chopping board with a storage box designed by Dewel. It ticks all the boxes of good product design, solving problems without creating new ones. You slice your veggies or any other food that needs slicing and then either store the sliced bits in the container and use it to directly empty contents into your cooking vessel, or use the board for peeling and store all the leftovers and peels in the container, which then empties itself into the waste bin.

The Cheat Sheets are basically, and this reference couldn’t be more relevant, social distancing containers for your ingredients. You use the same baking tray, but the Cheat Sheets silicone containers sit ON the tray, giving you miniature compartments to cook your food in. Veggies like asparagus that need shorter cook times can be added in the same tray as salmon, which needs more time in the oven. Once you feel like the asparagus is done, just reach in with your baking mitten and pull just the asparagus container out of the oven and let the salmon still cook inside. It’s easy, simple, and here’s the best part – your baking tray never gets dirty!