You’ll never be chopping ‘bored’


There’s something simple and beautiful about this chopping board with a storage box. It ticks all the boxes of good product design, solving problems without creating new ones. You slice your veggies or any other food that needs slicing and then either store the sliced bits in the container and use it to directly empty contents into your cooking vessel, or use the board for peeling and store all the leftovers and peels in the container, which then empties itself into the waste bin.

The container and chopping board are two independent units that lock together, forming one superior kitchen product that rests perfectly on any counter-top, courtesy its ‘L’ shape. Anti-slip pads on the base of the board keep it in place,so you can go full Gordon Ramsay on your food-prep. The interlocked pieces can be pulled apart and used/stored separately, plus they’re even dishwasher safe. Rather elegant, I’d say!

Designer: Dewel