This smart safe is set to be the next big addition to the smart-home product ecosystem

First came smart speakers, then came smart bulbs, smart thermostats, smart home cameras, and now… the smart safe.

Working on technologies we’re familiar with, like IoT, hidden cameras, instant notifications, biometric fingerprint readers, motion + temperature sensors, The Space Safe is about as secure as a vault at a bank. It’s practically impermeable, will detect if someone tries to break in, and view images and video feed of the perpetrator in real-time.

Designer: Oscar Hedaya

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The Space Safe is spacious enough to store all your valuables, has a touchscreen interface, lets you grant access to family members or designated people, and comes equipped with a camera on the inside with a two-way speaker system (so you can talk to the people accessing your valuables or scare off those unwanted people). Oh, did I mention? It also doesn’t look like a safe – it looks incredibly sleek, with a black design, tempered glass door, and concealed lighting – sort of like something you’d find in a Wakandan laboratory.

Even if you’re all into crypto or other digital assets, you probably still have a few tangible valuables worth protecting. Your passport, important documents, an expensive watch, ancestral heirloom hand-me-downs, jewelry perhaps. The Space Safe offers an incredibly secure vault for these valuables, relying on tech the way you’d do for everything else. Its spacious interior comes with a single cabinet for your stuff, but can also be separated using a collapsible slide-in shelf.

Exterior Outer Camera Feed

Inner Camera Video Feed App

Two LED strips on the inside illuminate the interiors of the safe when the door is open, an inner camera lets you keep an eye on your belongings from anywhere at any time, and USB ports even allow you to charge devices inside the safe, like an iPad while you’re on holiday, etc. The safe can be operated using multiple interfaces… the most convenient one being the biometric sensor built into its front panel, followed by the touchscreen display that lets you input a PIN number, or even a failsafe physical key if The Space Safe runs out of battery.

Designed to create a ‘safe space’ for your belongings, the cleverly named Space Safe comes reinforced with 10-gauge steel, has 8 pre-drilled bolting holes for securing it in place, comes with a tempered glass panel on the front, and boasts of a robust bolt locking system that stays shut even when you exert as much as 3,000 lbs (or 1.3 tonnes) of force.

However, equipped with state-of-the-art tech, the safe also has a concealed camera on the front that switches on when you interact with the safe, documenting everything it sees. The safe’s own motion sensors can identify if the safe’s being moved or tampered with, sending an alert to your phone, or even if the temperature or humidity begins fluctuating beyond your acceptable limits.

All logs and alerts are sent to your phone via the app, letting you know what’s happening in real-time (from incorrect pin-entries and other alerts to even if the safe’s power supply is cut). You get to determine the level of the threat and can execute an instant safe lockdown remotely through your phone, bolting it shut, triggering an alarm, and even notifying 911 right inside the app. Designed for the digital age, the safe comes with 256 AES-bit encryption too, protecting it from hackers, and OTA updates to the safe’s firmware just make it more secure with time.

Measuring 17 inches wide, 9.5 inches tall, and 13.8 inches deep, The Space Safe fits into practically any cupboard, looking less like your archaic safe and more like a state-of-the-art vault. It plugs into a power outlet using a USB-C port discreetly placed on the back, and has its own built-in battery to supply it with power if the lights go out. For a personalized experience, The Space Safe comes with its own LED strip built into its base, allowing you to choose a custom LED backlight color. The safe even has a clever protective feature in the form of a fake radio interface that’ll make thieves think it’s a radio instead of a state-of-the-art vault!

The Space Safe is perfect for homes, allowing you to pre-program your family-member/friend/roommate profiles into it with their own individual PINs, or even for businesses, letting you store valuable documents that your secretaries and executive colleagues could access with their own one-time-PINs generated by you.

The Space Safe is perfect for hotels and AirBNBs too, allowing you to create check-in and check-out profiles for your guests, allowing them to use the safe as long as they’re residents on your property… or if you’re a true-blue crypto bro, just use it to store and HODL your USB hardware wallets with all your Bitcoin!

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