World’s Smallest 4K Mirrorless Camera is as tiny as a GoPro and has Interchangeable Lenses

Move over, mirrorless cameras… It’s time for the micro-mirrorless camera to shine.

If you think about it, there’s really no reason a mirrorless camera has to be as big as it is. Without pissing off the photography community, a GoPro is nothing but a smaller version of the mirrorless camera. It uses the same technology of light directly hitting a sensor to capture an image; and the only real difference is the fact that compact action cameras have slightly smaller sensors, and don’t have interchangeable lenses… so Samuel Mello Medeiros decided to change things. Partnering with Yashica, Medeiros created the world’s first-ever micro-mirrorless camera. The ‘Yashica – I’m Back’ camera is as small as a stack of playing cards, but packs a Sony CMOS sensor that captures 4K video and 12MP images. Despite its size, the camera doesn’t compromise on features – it comes with 3 interchangeable lenses, the option of adding a larger battery, a flash hot-shoe on the top that lets you also attach a shotgun microphone or other accessories, and yes, WiFi capabilities so you can share your photos directly to your smartphone once they’re captured.

Designer: Samuel Mello Medeiros

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Medeiros founded ‘I’m Back’ in 2018, creating unconventional cameras for photobugs. While his earlier experiments revolved around reviving older cameras with new technology, the Yashica – I’m Back may just be his magnum opus. It sits at the junction between smartphone photography and pro camera photography, offering the best of both worlds. The Yashica – I’m Back measures 3 inches wide (77mm) and 1.9 inches high (50mm), making it nearly 1/4th the size of your standard mirrorless camera. That’s small enough to fit right in your pocket and whip out when you need to click photos. Sure, the ergonomics are a little challenging considering the size, but the camera is a healthy balance between tiny and powerful, sitting at the intersection between convenient smartphone photography, and advanced camera photography.

Micro Mirrorless Yashica – I’m Back emerges, a fusion of tradition and innovation!

Use three different lenses for diverse scenes and styles, adjust settings manually, and expand options with larger lenses through an adapter.

The micro-mirrorless camera banks on Yashica’s 75-year history in the camera business. Designed in partnership with the legacy camera brand, the camera sports cutting-edge tech including a 12MP Sony IMX 117 sensor that outputs 4K@24fps, 2K@30fps, and 1080p@60fps with the ability to take 40MP interpolated images or 12MP real-dimension images. Just like a professional camera, this one has a digital viewfinder that opens out and flips over, letting you click selfies or take vlogs while monitoring your feed. The 2-inch touchscreen gives you the convenience of a smartphone, allowing you to swipe through settings and look at your carousel, or even plug an external display in using the HDMI port for a more professional setup. You can also leverage Yashica – I’m Back as a webcam for creating videos and conducting high-quality live broadcasts. Images get stored on a MicroSD card, with the camera accepting as high as 128Gb cards, and there’s also built-in WiFi that lets you share images and videos directly to Android and iOS devices. The kicker, however, is that this tiny camera comes with not one, not two, but three interchangeable lenses in the box.

Wide lens 3,4mm.

Normal lens: 8,6mm.

Tele lens 25,7mm.

In my opinion, where the GoPro went wrong was in cementing itself into the action camera box. With just a wide-angle lens and nothing else, there wasn’t much you could do with a GoPro than basic vlogging activities… but that isn’t the case with the Yashica – I’m Back. The camera comes with a standard 8.6mm lens that’s comparable to a 50mm lens for a normal camera, a 75° wide-angle lens, and a 25mm telephoto lens (which actually translates to 150mm on a normal camera), with the ability to manually focus on images to get that gorgeous depth of field in your images and videos. That isn’t all, a simple adapter lets you attach a whole host of third-party lenses, including ones for SLR, DLSR, and mirrorless cameras from leading brands. Medeiros and his team are also working on giving the camera macro capabilities using the standard 8.6mm lens, which would just make the camera an all-round photography powerhouse.

The highlight of the Yashica – I’m Back micro-mirrorless camera lies in its tiny-size-zero-compromise approach to photography. It’s perfect for carrying around with you wherever you go, allowing you to take quality photos and videos without the expensive gear, or letting you bank on a good camera without needing to whip your smartphone out. The Yashica – I’m Back comes bundled with a remote control for wirelessly operating the camera, a USB-C charging cable, and a wrist-strap… although you can upgrade to a bundle with all the accessories, which also include the three lenses, a tripod/selfie-stick, and an additional battery grip. The Yashica – I’m Back ships globally and comes with a 2-year warranty on hardware/software defects.

Click Here to Buy Now: $239 $299 ($60 off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $380,000.