This triangle-shaped food-waste processor fits perfectly in the corner of your kitchen

A common problem in smaller households (and I’m fairly familiar with this as someone who lives on his own) is that the garbage bag never fills up in one day. Having fewer people live in a house obviously means lesser waste created on a day-to-day basis, which means it takes a good 3-4 days to really fill up your trash before you chuck it out.

Rather than living with that old, rancid, smelly trash for 3-4 days, the Alone food-waste processor helps provide a discreet way of disposing of small amounts of food at a time. Its unique right-angled triangular shape helps it easily fit into a corner of your kitchen, and its tall design makes it easy to remove the waste-bin and chuck your stuff in without bending over too much. The Alone food-waste processor then proceeds to break down your food, turning it from waste into a harmless, odorless, nutrient-rich fertilizer you can use in your own backyard or kitchen-garden. A heating plate at the base helps accelerate the composting process, breaking food down into a crumbly mulch as little as 30 days (instead of the regular 5-6 months), while an air outlet on the top helps let gases on the inside escape, but not before passing it through a HEPA and Activated Carbon filter to take out those microorganisms and odor molecules, keeping your kitchen odor-free and safe!

Designers: Designer Dot & Hyeona Cho