Kitchen timer that can be set with dirty hands and no touching!

Chances are that your hands are dirty, and you want to open some lids, switch on the oven and set the kitchen time… all at once. Chances are, you will not wash your hands and do all of the above and leave stains on lids, knobs and timer. Well, now with the No-Touch Timer – chances are that you will not soil it, and instead set the timer without even touching the device!

The No-Touch Timer gives you the chance to set the timer hands-free. When it is in its default mode, the device functions like a clock, but when you bring your hands near it, the device transforms into a kitchen timer. You can set the timer hands-free by taking your hands close by to wake the clock up. You can adjust the hands from a distance and the further away you take your hands, the more time is added to the clock.

Details of the time include real-time feedback on the screen, infrared sensors to detect how far hands are away from the device and thus converting into a corresponding time value. In essence, the further away the hand is from the timer, the longer time will be set. Too bad, it’s only a concept.

Designers: Fu Yibo & Wen Ruoyu