This modular office desk transforms into a minimal hanging display when not in use

Content creation is a task that is more difficult than it looks. You may think creating content is simple, but expressing yourself successfully and meeting the demands of your fans is a challenging task requiring TONS of focus. And what is the first step to focusing correctly – your workspace. Everything right from the ambient light setting to the ergonomic desk setup plays a part in their work. Desk space is sacred, be it the animation master Miyazaki’s cluttered organization or the clean and organized setup of your favorite Instagram influencer. Among the limitless options for home office desk setups, design student Alphee Grand from Paris, France, has come up with a refreshing solution that makes complete sense in current pandemic stricken times.

Named the “Program” this modular desk is ideal for creative individuals who love the freedom of organizing their desk as per their needs. Depending on the task at hand or the kind of tools required, the desk comes equipped with various cubbyholes and hanging spaces for you to get creative, literally! The different storage modules can be suitable for storing files, documents, or even your favorite magazines or sketches. In addition, the desk has a large storage box and a two-part table to further extend the modularity aspect. I find the design an eclectic mix of structure yet chaos – it has enough options to create an organized workspace or to embrace the chaos – it gives you the freedom to make your desk setup work for you.

The most fun aspect of this modular furniture design is the air of openness to it. The side section of the desk has stepped storage modules which feel more like an extended “me space.” We can hang headphones on it or favorite novels displayed on the compact metal storage elements – always in the purview of the peripheral vision. We can tweak the central section of the Program desk for artistic chores like sketching, which is another significant advantage, especially for artists. Finally, when you want to close up for the day, we can collapse the Program’s desk section and make it a display for all your hanged memorabilia, courtesy of the wheels on the underside!

Designer: Alphee Grand