EDC essentials with high functionality + stunning aesthetics that are a must-have for collectors!

Look at any guy’s must-have list, and there’s sure to be more than a few innovative and super cool EDC designs on it! They’re always itching to get their hands on the latest, cutting-edge EDCs out there. You never know when an EDC might come in handy, these smart little tools can help you out of the trickiest of situations. You could be carrying an EDC for days with no real use until, in a time of need, it’ll magically come to your rescue, proving its true value! These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks. However, there are some EDCs that go beyond only functionality – these products are so well-designed, that they’re an absolute stunner to look at! Artfully designed with impressive aesthetics, these EDCs deserve to be collectibles. They’re insanely good-looking pieces that you can place on your mantelpiece or desk with pride. They’re sure to turn heads, and garner admiration!

Designed to resemble the very thing it creates, the Tiny Flame lighter’s teardrop shape and metallic gold finish is instantly memorable and eye-catching! The Tiny Flame lighter isn’t the kind you’d carry in your pocket. Instead, it’s a product fit for sitting on your desk or mantelpiece. Its bottom-heavy shape makes it stable enough to constantly stand upright, and its matte-versus-polished finish has a beautiful way of catching reflections and making it shine. When you want to use it, the lighter’s curved surface fits naturally into the palm of your hand. A parting line separates the matte-finish bottom half and the polished upper half, and a simple push with your thumb causes the upper cap to tip backward, triggering the flame. Similarly, pushing the cap back in place extinguishes the flame too. Tip the lighter over and it reveals its adjusting ring that lets you control the flame intensity, as well as a refill point for refueling the lighter when the fluid within it runs out.

Designed by the folks at Typica, the HALO is, ironically enough, the most atypical bottle-opener you’ll see. Its very form challenges the notion of how bottle-openers should look and behave, although its interaction isn’t too different from regular openers, making it great to look at AND easy to use. Shaped essentially like a mini-donut, the HALO comes with a hole in its center that’s wide enough to have it fit around most glass bottles, giving it a place to rest when not in use. When said bottle needs opening, its hollow base is perfectly calibrated to slip into the gap between the bottle cap and the rim, and the wide design gives you a good grip as you pop the cap off.

Meet The Carabiner, WESN’s take on the humble EDC clip that people use for everything from securing their ID Card to their belt-loop, or their body harnesses to a bungee rope. The construction of a normal carabiner is simple and involves broadly four parts – a hook, a clip, a rivet to hold them together, and a spring that allows the clip to stay shut, so things don’t accidentally unhook or slip off. WESN’s Carabiner, however, comes with just one part… itself. With its unique monolithic design, machined out of a single billet of titanium, WESN’s Carabiner does everything a carabiner clip can do, but also looks visually interesting and lasts far longer than other clips can.

400. That’s how many units of the Sniper Bladeworks 2020: Reload Collection are being put into production, making them some of the most exclusive high-quality blades you could get your hands on. Designed by award-winning knife-maker Lance Abernathy of the iconic Sniper Bladeworks based out of Kansas City, the 2020: Reload collection reimagines a few classics and adds a couple of new knives to the mix, creating what Abernathy claims is his best offering yet… knives designed and engineered to excel in everyday use or make a stunning addition to your collection. Every single one of the 2020: Reload collection’s knives come made from the highest quality performance steel, meticulously designed and manufactured by ace knife-smith Lance Abernathy himself, and with the Sniper Bladeworks’ seal of approval and Lance’s signature.

Designed by Nikhil Kapoor, this bottle opener is a product of thinking “outside the box”! A refreshing take on bottle openers, this boxy design is minimal, functional, and charming. Cube is a bottle opener with two halves. Its top frame is used for opening the bottle and the bottom half has a magnetic cavity that has been included in its form so you can store the cap after opening a bottle – clean and clutter-free. Even the opener’s packaging is aligned with the whole process of opening/enjoying a drink as it draws inspiration from an ice cube. The frosty packaging elevates the aesthetic. Aptly called Cube, the design does justice to every layer that is represented by its name. The geometric bottle opener is certainly a modern kitchen essential!

3.5 times harder than titanium, the strongest metal known to mankind, Tungsten Carbide is akin to black gold in the EDC world. Give any gear a coating of Tungsten Carbide and it shines black like obsidian rock, with a unique metallic luster that’s glimmery in a subtle way… but more importantly, it makes them practically invincible, resisting any sort of external wear and tear. Pair it with Wingback’s series of exquisitely designed EDC and you’ve got the ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Designed by Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback’s Black Steel collection sports three minimal-yet-functional products that are bound to be an unwavering part of your everyday carry. A bullet-sized Key Cache helps you store emergency money on your keychain, while a mechanical pen with its comfortable broad design promises to be the last pen you’ll ever want to use. Lastly, MacLaine’s 100ml hip-flask comes with the same cylindrical lathe-manufactured design as the other products in the series.

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

The Boker Merlin is made entirely from Damascus steel

Barring the pivot and the two screws that hold the handle and blade together, the Boker Merlin is entirely made from the legendary marbled metal. Created as a special edition, the variant is based on one of Boker’s classic designs by Wilfried Gorski. Partnering with Chad Nichols, a trained steel-smith who’s perfected the art of making corrosion-resistant Damascus Steel, Boker spared quite literally no effort by building every component of the knife from the marbled metal, right from the blade to the handle, to even the backspacer and interlock slider. The result is a fairly classic and lightweight pocket knife that’s completely stunning to look at and one-of-a-kind.

BeSpoke Post sends you an Everything Gear Subscription Box every month! These exciting EDC boxes are full of men’s gear, grooming products, kitchenware, stationery, and more. You simply take a lifestyle quiz, that will help them understood your taste and you better so that they can send you a box that you’ll actually like and use! Handpicked and curated with precision and care, these boxes are full of stunning EDC products that you can place with pride on your desk.



Much more professional looking than the disposable sewing kits hotels give you, the Best Made Company’s Brass Capsule Stitcher feels like EDC to fix your garments. Made entirely out of brass, and shaped like a capsule that is no larger than your thumb, the Brass Capsule Stitcher is handy in more ways than one. It fits in your hand, pocket, and bag rather easily, only to be produced at the time of need. The design allows you to store 3 types of threads and even comes with three different needles (with special stitching-machine-style tips) that you can dock and lock in place. Its cylindrical design comes with its own set of benefits too.

The Stilwell High-Quality Compact Pen by The James Brand is a beautiful and well-balanced pen. Its compact size is a delight, as you can easily slip it into your pocket. When closed, the EDC pen has an exposed lanyard, allowing you to attach it to your belt, wallet, or purse. Amped with a roller-ball ink cartridge, it truly is a pen of high quality.