This lighter’s unique shape is actually inspired by the flame it creates!

It’s quite easy to figure out where the ‘Tiny Flame’ lighter takes its visual inspiration from! Designed to resemble the very thing it creates, the Tiny Flame lighter’s teardrop shape and metallic gold finish is instantly memorable and eye-catching! I’m refraining from making a Flame-ception joke, so bear with me here.

The Tiny Flame lighter isn’t the kind you’d carry in your pocket. Instead, it’s a product fit for sitting on your desk or mantelpiece. Its bottom-heavy shape makes it stable enough to constantly stand upright, and its matte-versus-polished finish has a beautiful way of catching reflections and making it shine. When you want to use it, the lighter’s curved surface fits naturally into the palm of your hand. A parting line separates the matte-finish bottom half and the polished upper half, and a simple push with your thumb causes the upper cap to tip backward, triggering the flame. Similarly, pushing the cap back in place extinguishes the flame too. Tip the lighter over and it reveals its adjusting ring that lets you control the flame intensity, as well as a refill point for refueling the lighter when the fluid within it runs out.

The lighter, although conceptual from the looks of it, comes in three colors – gold, silver, and a matte-black rose-gold combo. I personally love the idea of the upper part of the lighter sporting a polished finish while the lower part comes with a sandblasted matte finish. Apart from acting as a visual separator between the upper and lower halves, it also visually represents the flame, which can sometimes have a different colored tip and base. Apart from that, it has a simple yet commanding appearance that manages to look eye-catching while still remaining beautifully minimal. That’s pretty lit, if you ask me!

Designer: LYN (Youngnam Lee)