These Award-winning tactical EDC are custom made to help you overcome practically any situation

400. That’s how many units of the Sniper Bladeworks 2020: Reload Collection are being put into production, making them some of the most exclusive high-quality blades you could get your hands on. Designed by award-winning knife-maker Lance Abernathy of the iconic Sniper Bladeworks based out of Kansas City, the 2020 : Reload collection reimagines a few classics and adds a couple of new knives to the mix, creating what Abernathy claims is his best offering yet… knives designed and engineered to excel in everyday use or make a stunning addition to your collection. Every single one of the 2020 : Reload collection’s knives come made from the highest quality performance-steel, meticulously designed and manufactured by ace knife-smith Lance Abernathy himself, and with the Sniper Bladeworks’ seal of approval and Lance’s signature.

The 2020 : Reload Collection is Sniper Bladeworks’ comeback story. After a tough couple of years filled with hardships and adversity, the family-run business is taking to the crowdfunding platform to bring their world-class award-winning knives into the hands of more EDC enthusiasts, expanding its audience beyond the special forces, SWAT, veterans, and other tactical armed forces that swear by the company’s incredible high-performance tactical blades. The collection spans 5 different knives that are a combination of updated classics and new designs that are crafted to perform and to delight.

Among the smaller, more portable blades are the compact yet ridiculously sharp Dashi, designed for undercover Air Marshals with rescue tool features for emergency applications. Modeled on the Japanese kiridashi blade, the Dashi is a handy, 7.5″ knife with a skeletonized handle that’s still designed for hard-use. The full-grip handle makes it incredibly easy to hold in any way, while a nifty bottle-opener built into the top lets you crack open a cold beer after a rough day. The next in line come Sniper’s most iconic blades, the LPC and the DMF. Both knives propelled Sniper Bladeworks to fame, with the LPC getting the “Blade Show Tactical Folder Award” and the DMF being featured on the cover of Blade Magazine. The LPC and DMF are both designed to be overbuilt folding knives – the former being a bowie-style knife made for the tactical needs of the modern user. The 2020 : Reload LPC (Lance Personal Carry) gives the award-winning knife an update, with a bearings-hinge and a steel combination over-travel locking device. Made from S30V Steel, the drop-point blade measures a mere 3.5 inches and is great for slicing, piercing, and whittling. When you’re done, the blade folds into the G-10 handle, equipped with a robust 6Al4V titanium frame lock. The DMF, on the other hand, is Sniper’s ‘crown jewel’, taking the classic design that was featured on the cover of Blade Magazine, and amping it up to make it volumes better. Visually, the 2020 : Reload version of the DMF sports a unique stainless Damascus blade along with a bronze center pivot collar, and matching bronze handle adornments, making it look more like a prized keepsake than the tactical knife it actually is built to be. The sheepsfoot-esque blade comes with a curved edge that also showcases the Damascus patterns, making each knife design unique to its user. The cleaver style folding knife works wonderfully for cutting and chopping, thanks to its rocking edge, and the domed G-10 handle offers an incredible gripping experience while also allowing you to fold the blade in when you’re done.

Sometimes you just need a big knife for big tasks, which is where the MAMU and the Smachet come in. The MAMU is Sniper Bladeworks’ reinvention of their classic outdoors survival field knife, which was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild”. Equipped with a black anti-glare PVD coated 1095 steel blade that’s built for everything, including tactical use, outdoor survival, and occasional defense, the 2020 : Reload MAMU blade comes with a nifty injection-molded sheath that lets you dock the blade in between usage. The pistol grip G-10 handle and the full-tang blade let you easily grip and swing the blade, performing high-effort tasks with relative agility and ease. The Smachet, on the other hand, is a vintage classic originally designed by William E. Fairbairn during WWII. Sniper Bladeworks’ reinterpretation of the iconic design involves creating a slightly smaller yet equally competitive full-tang blade made from black anti-glare PVD coated 1095 steel, with a black G-10 injection molded handle to match – perfect for bushcraft and survival use, and armed with a useful high-end, textured injection-molded sheath, making it easy and safe to carry around.

Only 400 units of each knife will be manufactured Abernathy and his team. Every knife will come crafted and manually inspected by Abernathy himself and branded with his signature and a unique serial number on the blade. The limited-edition run of the 2020 : Reload collection will help not only support Abernathy’s locally run, internationally renowned business, but a portion of the profits from each sale will even go to carefully selected Veterans Groups to help support servicemembers in need!

Designer: Lance Abernathy of Sniper Bladeworks

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Award-Winning EDC Tactical Knives by Sniper Bladeworks

The 2020 : Reload Signature series by acclaimed knife designer Lance Abernathy is designed to exceed your everyday needs and excel in tactical and frontline use. Each knife is unique, signed, and individually-numbered. Once this campaign is over, these limited-edition collector knives will no longer be available.

DMF – The Crown Jewel

This 2020 : Reload version of the DMF sports a unique stainless Damascus blade. Additional high-end features include center pivot bearings, a combination overtravel locking device, a bronze center pivot collar, and matching bronze handle adornments.

LPC – The Award Winner

In 2013, Sniper Bladeworks earned the “Blade Show Tactical Folder Award” for its LPC. The 2020 : Reload LPC offers everything you need: ergonomic design, aerospace materials, and robust overbuilt engineering.

Made of S30V, this LPC has been upgraded to run on bearings and features a steel combination over-travel locking device. The result is the tightest tolerances on their LPC platform that the team has ever offered.

SMACHET – The Badass

Sometimes you just need a big knife and that’s why you will like Smachets! Originally designed by William E. Fairbairn during WWII, the Smachet is a historical juggernaut. They built upon Fairbairn’s design by re-envisioning a blade that is slightly smaller, easier to wield, and more comfortable to use for extended periods outdoors.

Sniper’s updated design ensures that those who are serious about bushcraft and survival have a serious knife to match.

MAMU – A Classic Redesigned

The MAMU™ is an interpretation of the classic field knife. It made its debut on Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild” and the team is pleased to offer it to you with upgraded features at this great price.

An amazing camp tool, the MAMU features black PVD coating for non-glare, rust resistance, and protection from the elements. It is designed with their signature ergonomic handle for comfort and control. The MAMU comes with a textured injection molded sheath that features a uniform rivet pattern compatible with all of our Sniper Bladeworks™ sheaths. This allows for a variety of carry combinations, so you’re equipped for any scenario.

DASHI – Small Knife. Big Function.

When it comes to general outdoor activities, the Dashi is always a safe bet. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing; it’s important to carry a knife that can stand up to repeated use with a smarter design that saves space in your kit.

The word Dashi comes from Kiridashi: a Japanese carpenter or utility knife that is only ground on one side, sometimes called chisel ground. Sniper’s representation of this traditional knife can be used as a neck knife, small utility knife, as a companion knife to the Smachet or MAMU, a backup tool, or for any other daily cutting tasks.

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