Interactive desktop accessories that give you a nostalgic break during those incessant zoom meetings!


To quote Don Norman, “Everything has a personality: everything sends an emotional signal. Even where this was not the intention of the designer, the people who view the website infer personalities and experience emotions.”

The swing set was my favorite playtime hobby, although I’d be lying if I said my infatuation with them has decreased with age. The thrill of swinging up into the air and the squeal of joy while swinging back to earth gave me a feeling of weightlessness and carefree joy that encapsulates childhood and nostalgia for me. That must be the same principle that led designer Aree Song to design these fun desktop accessories named Momento, to help you capture that little bit of joy and give you a much-needed escape from your mundane chores.

Momento is Spanish for ‘take a moment’, which is exactly what these accessories give you. Doubling simple forms and basic colors with the functionality we need in every work setting, Moment comprises three unique objects. The first is a tape dispenser that mimics the action of a swing. Second is a pop of yellow that is a pen holder, with a retractable bottom that rests flat when holding a pen and when flipped, it holds your pen in a seesaw-inspired rocking motion. Third, is a triangular cord organizer that also follows the up and down sliding movement that thrilled us as kids. Simple, fun, and essential, each of these designs is sure to find a place on your desks.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy of sparking joy is the motivating factor in these designs, with each one creating an emotional connection with the user. This adds a new dimension to the core utilitarian aspect of these everyday products – the products that have been a staple for years but get a new life here. We know form follows function – and here the form follows two functions – the act of sharpening, dispensing tape, or arranging cords and evoking joy. Beautiful isn’t it?!

Designer: Aree Song