The first Rent-A-Barbecue!


When I say the word ‘barbecue’ you think of your backyard, or your friend’s backyard, right? Barbecue never left the backyard, honestly. It was always close to home, on the deck, near the pool, etc. The Stadtküche takes the barbecue experience beyond the threshold of your garden and into public spaces. Stadtküche is a service that allows you to use their portable, all-in-one barbecue kit with all the needed accessories to prepare your meal. The kit’s hero is the environment-friendly portable barbecue that can be used easily in public spaces without posing a fire hazard or damage to the grass bed.

The Stadtküche’s rented barbecue service arises from an ideology that one mustn’t necessarily own an item one doesn’t regularly use. Barbecues are costly and get used on rare weekends, making them ideal for renting, because as Stadtküche says… with the barbecue, the memory’s much more relevant than the actual product itself.

Designer: Julian Berg