This thumb-sized sewing kit gives you ‘a stitch in time’


Much more professional looking than the disposable sewing kits hotels give you, the Best Made Company’s Brass Capsule Stitcher feels like EDC to fix your garments. Made entirely out of brass, and shaped like a capsule that is no larger than your thumb, the Brass Capsule Stitcher is handy in more ways than one. It fits in your hand, pocket, and bag rather easily, only to be produced at the time of need. The design allows you to store 3 types of threads, and even comes with three different needles (with special stitching-machine-style tips) that you can dock and lock in place. Its cylindrical design comes with its own set of benefits too. Not only is it easy to wrap the thread around the spool, the case lets you store different buttons in it too! What more could you ask for?!

Designer: Best Made Company