This may be the most impressive looking bottle opener I’ve seen in a while

If I told you to close your eyes and imagine a bottle-opener, chances are you thought of something traditional and conventional, like the kind you’d get as keychains, or built into your Swiss Army Knife. You wouldn’t, for a second, imagine a pristine, shimmering halo-shaped device like the one in the video above. Meet the HALO, it opens bottles and breaks stereotypes. Designed as an objet d’art instead of a utilitarian tool, the HALO comes with a slick, smooth, shimmering torus-shaped design that actually sits around your bottle’s neck when not in use. When you need to open the bottle, the HALO’s base fits cleanly between the cap and the rim, and cleanly takes the cap off… just like a conventional bottle-opener, but infinitely classier.

Designed by the folks at Typica, the HALO is, ironically enough, the most atypical bottle-opener you’ll see. Its very form challenges the notion of how bottle-openers should look and behave, although its interaction isn’t too different from regular openers, making it great to look at AND easy to use. Shaped essentially like a mini-donut, the HALO comes with a hole in its center that’s wide enough to have it fit around most glass bottles, giving it a place to rest when not in use. When said bottle needs opening, its hollow base is perfectly calibrated to slip into the gap between the bottle-cap and the rim, and the wide design gives you a good grip as you pop the cap off.

The HALO comes crafted from stainless steel and is finished off with a spectacular mirror-finish coating in three colors – PVD Gold, Black Oxide, and Polished Steel. You can even grab your hands on a nifty Leather Case for the HALO as an add-on, although it’s best placed around the neck of your favorite spirit bottle on your mini-bar!

Designer: Studio Typica London

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HALO – The Bottle Opener Reborn

The HALO is a simple yet elegant toroid shape bottle opener that fits perfectly on a bottle’s neck and can be used in any orientation.

Thanks to its perfect toroid structure, it can be held at any orientation and open a bottle cap in a swift upwards or downwards motion.

Opening upwards.

Always On

Halo’s design allows it to be presented on a bottle’s neck. It is a great way not only to keep your opener handy and visible for that time when you crave a sip but also creates a nice gesture when offering it to a mate.

Upgrade Your Home Bar

The Halo simple form creates a timeless design. It can be beautifully displayed on your craft beer collection, at your home bar, or kitchen display.

In 3 Finishes

They have designed 3 distinguished finishes for the Halo opener, each with its unique character.

PVD Gold Finish: PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating is a process in which a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum and deposited onto the surface of the opener. A unique combination of metals is deposited atom by atom, forming a thin, bonded, golden metal layer that greatly improves the appearance and durability of the opener.

Black Oxide Coating: This coating is produced by a chemical reaction between the steel and the oxidizing salts in the black oxide solution. The result of this chemical reaction is the formation of black iron oxide or magnetite on the surface of the opener. The surface finish of the black oxide version is more silky-matt in appearance than the polished stainless steel version.

Polished Stainless-steel: After forging and finishing, HALO is hand polished to create a stunning mirror-like surface on its exterior.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $39 (33% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!