The Top 10 e-motorbike designs that satisfy your need for speed and are good for the environment!

Electric motorbikes get the heart of almost every Automotive lover thumping! They’re powerful, super-fast, and not to mention environment-friendly as well! The last point is a huge bonus in today’s world, as living a more sustainable and conscious life has become imperative, especially with COVID-19 turning the world as we know it topsy-turvy. Curbing fuel consumption, and reducing automotive emissions has become critical, and e-motorbikes are an environment-friendly option, encouraging these practices. So, we’ve curated a collection of jaw-dropping e-motorbikes that not only take good care of Mother Earth but also satisfy your need for speed with their menacing designs!

Shane Baxley foresees the future where hubless electric bikes will ride the tarmac, radiating a sense of authority on the road. His idea of this electric bike is known as the Baxley Moto (of course we get where the naming originates from) and it carries an ultra-futuristic street-legal vibe with the spokeless wheels. The hunched-forward riding position, big treaded tires, suspended tail section (sans any pillion seat), and the protruding sliders, all point towards a ride meant for daredevils who don’t mind the odd detour on the dirt trails. Shane has kept the design very balanced – not too edgy or contoured like it is with some of the other concept designs. The overall aesthetics of the bike seems very measured, but at the same time, it emanates a sense of power and smoothness when you imagine it whizzing past on the open roads and conquering inhospitable backcountry roads. The bike frame looks to be made from lightweight carbon fiber monocoque material and the hubless wheel array seems solid enough to render cushioning on rough terrains.

If it were up to King T’Challa, the MIMIC e-bike would be fitted with vibranium tech, but we’re going to stick to an electric power-train for now. This crouching-jungle-cat of a bike is a concept designed by Roman Dolzhenko. Outfitted with what looks less like a body and more like armor, the MIMIC e-bike comes with a rounded, Tron Light Cycle-inspired form with rounded elements and just an overall absence of straight lines or sharp edges. The e-bike has a dual-lamp headlight fitted on the front, looking almost like a menacing pair of eyes, and a dashboard that lays flush against the e-bike’s curved panther-esque body. Other noteworthy details include a cantilever seat, inverted handlebars with the brake levers facing the rider, and a three-hexagon logo on both the front and back wheel, a detail that pays tribute to Daniel Simon, designer of the Tron Light Cycle, who uses a similar hexagon insignia to mark his designs.



Here’s the Tesla Model M, a conceptual motorcycle designed by Jans Slapins for the electric automotive company. The Model M is an electric motorcycle that comes with a bad-boy aesthetic, dipped in red, a Tesla signature color. The bike is powered by a 204 PS (150kW) electric motor, allowing the rider to choose from as many as four different driving modes including Race, Cruise, Standard and Eco. The electric motor is powered by Tesla’s lithium-ion batteries that are placed on the lower level of the bike’s frame. The motorcycle features no transmission, lightweight carbon fiber wheels, and a mono-shock out back along with upside-down forks up front for suspension. Oh, there’s even a large storage space where the fuel tank would be, making it perfect to stash your helmet!



A hundred and eleven years after their founder Glenn Curtiss developed his legendary land-speed record-breaking V8 bike in 1907, the people at Curtiss Motorcycles (formerly known as Confederate Motorcycles before they rebranded their image) redesigned it for the modern age. The Hera bases itself almost entirely on the layout of the original V8, but replaces the V8 engine with an 8-piece battery pack arranged in the V formation, with an E-twin motor right beneath the seat. The design is also obviously 2020-appropriate, with a neat Oreo color-scheme (that’s designer-lingo for black and white) and with looks that could kill. I’d just personally be worried about the white battery pack at the base which would get dusty immediately after its first ride.

Designer Tanner Van De Veer in collaboration with DAAPworks has proposed a mid-weight Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, destined to revive the brand. The project goal is to bring a motorcycle to the streets which preserves the historical essence of the Harley design language while infusing contemporary trends. He calls it the “Harley Davidson Revival” and lends the bike an eco-conscious touch with the swappable electric battery pack. The electric powertrain of Revival will embody lightweight aesthetics, and yes, it will come sans any clutch or gears. Revival borrows its basic body structure design from the early designs of the motorcycle which shaped its destiny in the early years of development.

The 2029 e-bike brings art-deco and automotive design into the future, with its unusual combination of clean-cut geometric shapes brought about by sheet-metal fabrication, along with bone-inspired generative-design details 3D printed in metal. The bike is an amalgamation of styles that pays a hat-tip to the revolutionary design of the 1929 Majestic, built by George Roy.  The bike incorporates design-trends and technologies that are indicative of the future of automotive design. The stunning 2029 comes with an electric drivetrain, fully enclosed aluminum body, hub-centric steering, transparent PolyCarbonate wheels, and 3D printed bike parts, furnished out of Titanium.

Aether is a rather edgy-looking Cybertruck-ish conceptual motorcycle that runs on an electric drivetrain… but that isn’t its highlight feature. The e-motorcycle sports two large air intakes on the front (right before each leg) that naturally pull air in as you drive. The air that enters these intakes is passed through the Aether’s ceramic filter modules that help trap PM 2.5 microparticles, allowing filtered, cleaner air to pass through the exhausts on the opposite end. The result is an e-motorbike that does more than reducing its carbon-impact, it actually purifies the air around it, resulting in cleaner and lesser polluted air. The ceramic purifier module needs periodic maintenance/replacement too, which is why Lin Yu Cheng’s developed a system where you can either get them replaced ever so often or pop them out and wash the dirt off them, making them as good as new!

The PUNCH is an e-bike that reinterprets the motorcycle template with its less-organic-more-geometric sensibilities. Owing to its battery and electric drivetrain setup, The PUNCH can afford to do away with the curvilinear, sinewy bike design and just lay the inner components out in a way that’s straightforward and yet comfortable. This renewed approach is what makes the PUNCH such a radically different two-wheeler. It comes with a double-cylindrical body that seamlessly goes from headlight to seat to taillight, highly reminiscent of the Pocket Rocket from Sol Motors.

Zero Motorcycles SR/S was introduced in February last year, and it instantly resonated with buyers given its superior design and better range over the street bike Zero SR/F. Rewind back to last year when Woolaway came across Zero Motorcycles Race Team engineers at the 98th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb competition in Colorado Springs – the idea to customize a Zero electric motorcycle was sparked in the legendary fabricator’s mind. And what better way to do it than on the Zero Motorcycles SR/S – it’s a clean slate that can be modified with creative freedom. That’s because there are no gas tanks and the presence of a trellis frame makes it ideal to weave the magic. He was sent a stock SR/S before its unveil and even though he had to counter the difficulties related to coronavirus lockdown, Woolaway used decades of industry connections to keep things going.

I guess you could call the Saroléa’s N60 electric bike the “complete package”! The Belgian motorcycle company has figured out the best way to make the motorcycle the ultimate style icon – design a dapper suit and a slick carbon-fiber helmet to make the rider and the ride complement each other perfectly! Saroléa partnered with Café Costume and Hedon to create the tailored biker suit with integrated protective elements, and Hedon to create the immaculate carbon-fiber helmet. The suit comes uniquely tailored to your measurements, along with the helmet, which is size-matched to your head. Moreover, a partnership with Studio Blade even means the bike comes with its own EDC, a commemorative full-tang Damascus Steel knife.