Harley-Davidson e-bike with swappable batteries is designed to bond with the millennials!

Harley-Davidson embarked on their adventurous journey way back in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, managing to make it through the period of the Great Depression, later on, to become a motorcycle brand which is known for its cult following. William S. Harley envisioned a revolutionary design of an engine fitted bicycle and the rest is history! Over the years Harley Davidson has managed to become one of the most iconic brands of all time but lately, they have had trouble connecting with the young consumers who consider “Harley’s fan-base toxic” and think Harley bikes are “too large, loud, and expensive” for them to consider it as an option. This has resulted in a slight dip in the sales which demands a new motorcycle design which appeals to the young lot and infuses the same energy back into the brand’s fortunes.

To change this growing perception, and stay ahead of the growing demand for environment-friendly lifestyle products, designer Tanner Van De Veer in collaboration with DAAPworks has proposed a mid-weight Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, destined to revive the brand. The project goal is to bring a motorcycle to the streets which preserves the historical essence of the Harley design language while infusing contemporary trends. He calls it the “Harley Davidson Revival” and lends the bike an eco-conscious touch with the swappable electric battery pack. The electric powertrain of Revival will embody lightweight aesthetics, and yes, it will come sans any clutch or gears. Revival borrows its basic body structure design from the early designs of the motorcycle which shaped its destiny in the early years of development. Adding to the basic skeletal structure, the designer infused elements of muscular architecture for an urban appeal.

The riding position has been tweaked keeping in mind the kinematics and equal attention has been given to the design of sharp headlight, taillight, minimalistic instrument cluster, sturdy suspensions, adaptable footpegs and the ideally positioned leather handlebars. The motorcycle has a low center of gravity while the ride height is bumped up to take on any kind of terrain, not just the highways. Thanks to the sharp lines and a silhouette, Revival is the perfect visual amalgam of vintage and punk bike, destined to turn heads! But the question still remains, will it have that recognizable road presence owing to the Harley Davidson motorcycle’s distinct roar? A Harley Davidson missing the gearbox, will it appeal to a rider who is intrigued by the notion “Man and Machine”, a thought to ponder over, don’t you think?

Designer: Tanner Van De Veer