This leg brace promises improved health for patients with its mindful, sole-friendly design that reduces pain

Whether you’ve had an injury or unfortunately suffer from a chronic medical problem – choosing the right braces for your legs, ankle or feet is vital. Wearing one that is not ergonomically built for your comfort and convenience can hamper day-to-day activities, and also create other problems like excessive heat in the feet which leads to bad smell and itching. The latter can result in allergies if not taken care of in time. Keeping the ergonomic needs of its people in mind, design studio Valkiria has mindfully thought of leg braces (designed for Mercur) that users would actually love to use.

The design studio has put a lot of time and research into creating the blueprint, and final product of the Mercur Immobilizer Boot M1 leg braces with consultation from existing users of other such braces and health experts who conveyed the problem and the intended solution they would want. In the end, Valkiria managed to come up with a product that is safe, stays consistent in its shape with use, and intended for long-term usage if the rehabilitation period is extended. The form and function of the Boot M1 facilitate the user with both feet fit as it is bilateral – in both longer and shorter versions depending on the need. Also, there are the anatomical plastic nails that reduce the pressure on the calf, and for easy opening and closing, there is the Velcro fastening system. To address the smelling issue, the design studio chooses a breathable material to annihilate the growth of bacteria and keep the heat down.

One thing that’s utterly frustrating with leg braces is the fatigue it causes to the knee and the hip muscles. Boot M1 has the luxury of anatomical insole and sole that makes sure these issues are no longer there. Most of all it doesn’t in any way hamper mobility or is uncomfortable for extended use.

Designer: Valkiria for Mercur

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