This e-bike changes the fundamental visual template of motorcycle design

It’s difficult to say if the modern day motorcycle was inspired heavily by the need to look like a muscular horse. I’m talking about the chest-shaped fuel tank, the common need to have the taillight project outward like a horse’s tail, or the visor above the headlight almost being reminiscent of a horse’s mane. I’m not drawing definitive conclusions here, but the motorcycle today does have an almost animal-meets-ergonomics quality to it… but what if this animal had an electric heartbeat?

The PUNCH is an e-bike that reinterprets the motorcycle template with its less-organic-more-geometric sensibilities. Owing to its battery and electric drivetrain setup, the PUNCH can afford to do away with the curvilinear, sinewy bike design and just lay the inner components out in a way that’s straightforward and yet comfortable. This renewed approach is what makes the PUNCH such a radically different two wheeler. It comes with a double-cylindrical body that seamlessly goes from headlight to seat to taillight, highly reminiscent of the Pocket Rocket from Sol Motors.

Designer Artem Smirnov’s inspiration for the PUNCH came, however, from the supermotard concepts that flooded the Parisian streets in the 80s. “Modest weight, compact dimensions, high ground clearance, spoke wheels, elongated suspension travels. Everything is designed both for aggressive day-time driving in a real city with its traffic jams, edge stones and sidewalks”, says Smirnov. The PUNCH comes with two detachable batteries between the rider’s legs (one on either side), which can be manually disengaged and taken indoors for charging. In its bid to make the entire e-bike more efficient, the PUNCH cuts down on all the frills, resulting in this stunningly minimalist, almost USB-stick-shaped beauty. Smirnov is currently working with Belarus-based Punch Motorcycles to bring this concept to life. On paper, the Punch will come in two variants with top speeds of 105km/h and 120km/h respectively. The dual battery setup should give the e-bike a range of roughly 110 kilometers, making it perfect for zipping down urban landscapes while onlookers try to get a glimpse of the bike’s unusually eye-catching aesthetic!

Designers: Artem Smirnov and Punch Motorcycles