This ambitious electric motorcycle concept has filtered intakes that can purify the air as you ride

Think about it. What if, instead of emitting carbon monoxide, your motorcycle could do the absolute opposite? What if, instead of relying on a fuel-powered engine, your motorcycle could be powered by cleaner energy while also cleaning the air around you as you drive down the roads? It’s an ambitious idea that Lin Yu Cheng is working on through his concept motorcycle Aether.

Aether is a rather edgy-looking Cybertruck-ish conceptual motorcycle that runs on an electric drivetrain… but that isn’t its highlight feature. The e-motorcycle sports two large air intakes on the front (right before each leg) that naturally pull air in as you drive. The air that enters these intakes is passed through the Aether’s ceramic filter modules that help trap PM 2.5 microparticles, allowing filtered, cleaner air to pass through the exhausts on the opposite end. The result is an e-motorbike that does more than reducing its carbon-impact, it actually purifies the air around it, resulting in cleaner and lesser polluted air. The ceramic purifier module needs periodic maintenance/replacement too, which is why Lin Yu Cheng’s developed a system where you can either get them replaced ever so often, or pop them out and wash the dirt off them, making them as good as new!

The idea of purifying air as you drive isn’t entirely new, though. Designer Daan Roosegaarde demonstrated the Smog Free Project in partnership with the Chinese Central Government, that involved mounting air purifiers on the front of bicycles that were capable of purifying air as you cycled around the neighborhood. Lin Yu Cheng’s concept builds on that, with a stunning design that combines automotive artistry with an environmentally forward vision. While the Aether is a conceptual e-motorbike, its technology could easily be implemented on current motorcycles and e-bikes, allowing you as the rider to feel the wind in your hair while also cleaning the air around you!

Designer: Lin Yu Cheng