UFO rocking chair combines a playful character with a striking, elegant design

Humanity has always had a fascination with the heavens, including the possibility of other intelligent life out there in the stars. Of course, there is no definite proof yet, but there is definitely no shortage of reports claiming to have seen UFOs or unidentified flying objects. Popular media have made the flying saucer the most iconic form of UFO, even though there’s probably no logical reason why they’d take that shape. Nonetheless, that form has inspired many an Earthly design, including this distinctive chair that looks like a lopsided UFO from afar and a majestic, almost futuristic throne up close.

Designer: Mavimatt

A rocking chair more often than not conjures up images of an antiquated wooden chair with arcs for legs that make it swing back and forth. Even among chairs, this design is already peculiar, mostly because it is far from the stable and unmoving concept that most people have for seating furniture, and this UFO-inspired treatment takes it to the next level, going beyond the stars, figuratively speaking. Beyond the initial shock factor, however, the design carries an air of class that will actually surprise you when you sit on it for the first time and discover, to your delight, that it can actually rock back and forth or even spin on its bottom.

The bowl-shaped exterior of this unusual rocking chair isn’t exactly a perfect curve, which allows the form to move without tipping over. Viewed from the side, it looks like a UFO that is either in sharp descent or has already crashed on the ground, denting its front and causing the rear to stick up and out. Made from fiberglass or carbon fiber, the structure of the chair is as strong as you’d expect from a spacecraft, or at least a piece of furniture inspired by one.

Viewed from the front, however, the chair looks less alien and more regal, almost like a throne from some futuristic civilization. There are no formal armrests for the chair, but the inner seat foam’s shape and material easily adapt to the body of the person, giving proper and comfortable support all the time. The radiating design of the seat puts the person right in the middle and emphasizes their presence, making them the visual center of the composition. Italian primofiore leather or fine fabrics are used for the upholstery, giving the chair a luxurious appearance and texture truly fit for monarchs or alien overlords.

Rather than simply sticking to the stereotypical appearance of a UFO, which would have meant glossy metal textures and colors, this UFO rocking chair opens the possibility of a wide number of designs, turning the shell of the chair into a canvas for display art, characters, or even the nighttime sky. Whether you associate it with a flying saucer or not, this Unidentified Furniture Object will surely capture anyone’s attention with its otherworldly beauty and give them the experience of their lives, sitting on a majestic chair that moves as if it were floating on air.