Saroléa’s stunning electric café racer comes with a carbon fiber helmet and tailored suit for the rider!

I guess you could call the Saroléa’s N60 electric bike the “complete package”! The Belgian motorcycle company has figured out the best way to make the motorcycle the ultimate style icon – design a dapper suit and a slick carbon-fiber helmet to make the rider and the ride complement each other perfectly! Saroléa partnered with Café Costume and Hedon to create the tailored biker suit with integrated protective elements, and Hedon to create the immaculate carbon-fiber helmet. The suit comes uniquely tailored to your measurements, along with the helmet, which is size-matched to your head. Moreover, a partnership with Studio Blade even means the bike comes with its own EDC, a commemorative full-tang Damascus Steel knife.

The collaborative effort is centered around the N60, Saroléa’s latest cafe-style e-bike built on the same platform as their previous stunner, the Manx7 electric superbike, with an air-cooled brushless DC motor capable of 163 horsepower and a battery delivering an impressive range of 330 kilometers (or 205 miles) on a full charge. Specifications aside, the N60 comes housed in a carbon fiber monocoque boasting of a design that feels like the spiritual successor to the Manx7. While the Manx7 sported a more streamlined design, the N60 uses more robust forms and celebrates straight lines. The bike sports a black paint job, with the judicious use of orange accents to create drama and contrast, and a black-on-black pattern on the side which pairs stunningly well with the carbon-fiber weave pattern on the bike helmet. All in all, the N60 isn’t just another e-bike… it’s an experience. The fact that it comes with its rider-specific accouterments really helps build the bond between man and machine, and practically ensures that when you’re tearing down the tarmac, all eyes will certainly be on you!

Designers: Serge Rusak & Saroléa
Image Credits: Jente Williams