Sleep better with these product designs to get a productivity filled morning: Part 2

A good night’s sleep is extremely vital for achieving maximum productivity the following day. And with work from home completely changing our daily routines, we’re often working odd hours, and trying our best to adjust to it. Not to mention the additional stress of being deadpan in the middle of a pandemic? Sleeping well and peacefully at night has never been more critical. So, we’ve curated a list of product designs that promise to be your ultimate sleep aid! We’re all going to be well-rested in 2021, that’s for sure.

Suspended on a single leg, the Fluttua Bed by Lago Design truly looks like it’s floating in the air! The bed can be installed on various kinds of walls, handle up to 240 kg of weight, and transform your snooze session into one magical experience. It’ll almost feel as if you’re lounging about on Aladdin’s magic carpet!



Designed as a part of the Ford Interventions series, which uses automotive technology to remedy everyday problems, this is the Lane-Keeping Bed. As its name suggests, it prevents bed-space-hoggers from occupying more than half of the bed’s space. The bed uses pressure sensors to know when one person occupies more space than the other, and immediately (and silently) rolls/shifts the mattress in the opposite direction, making sure that the two partners occupy an equal amount of space on the bed

Designed as a pair of pretty massive earmuffs that also double up as a neck-support, the Sleepmuffs can be worn in bed or while seated, making them perfect at home or while traveling. Made with high-quality foam (among other materials), the Sleepmuffs aren’t just comfortable to wear, they do a pretty remarkable job of blocking sound too. With as much as -33 decibel attenuation, the Sleepmuffs are arguably better than a pair of earplugs, or even your passive noise-canceling headphones.

Nocturnal, designed by Alexander Braga, is an interactive sleeping aid that specifically aims to help insomnia sufferers. With user-defined technological and personalized features, this design solution makes restful sleep possible. Surrounding the bed is an OLED, a film of an organic compound, emitting light, which bridges digital solutions with the human experience. The OLED screen is the sleeping aid’s primary charm and uses rollable, flexible technology in order to envelop the top half of your body and project images from the depths of your most peaceful, relaxing imagination.

Designed by Hi-interiors, the HiBed is quite frankly the bed of my dreams. Equipped with a built-in 4K projector that can be synced with a series of devices to binge-watch movies/TV shows on a 70-inch retractable screen, as well as a  built-in surround sound system, it is the epitome of in-bed relaxation. The bed is connected to an app and monitors our sleep patterns and movements, adjusting the temperature according to our comfort.

Most of us scroll through our social media apps before bed and the blue light exposure keeps our brain alert even after we keep the phone down. Mudita Bell is a calming alarm clock that wants to replace the screen-scrolling so we can get rest according to our natural sleep cycles – a key in waking up rested and relaxed. It has an E-Ink screen which means you aren’t actually looking at a screen but at the ink that is programmed to move to create visuals, thus reducing your exposure to blue light.

Designed by Kunal Ghude, Turbo is a Smart Air Purifier, inspired by the mechanics of a turbocharger. The futuristic and innovative device purifies the air around you, allowing you to breathe in clean oxygen, and helping you sleep better. You will wake up refreshed!

The Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket is created from a fabric that absorbs the moisture from your body, keeping you cool while you sleep at night. The blanket is filled with plastic poly-pellets, making you feel super comfy and cozy in your bed. This blanket helps you save up on a lot of electricity costs, as you don’t need to switch on the air conditioning, making it environment-friendly as well!

The EnergyPod Napping Chair by MetroNaps is my new favorite product design! This comfy chair is perfect for taking a quick power nap…especially while you’re at work! You can settle into the pod for a pre-programmed 20-minute nap. You can adjust the time if you wish to. The spherical cover gives you privacy, separating you from the world, while you peacefully snooze.

The Philips SmartSleep Anti-Snoring Band, debuted at the IFA Press-Conference this year, prompts you, through gentle vibrations, to sleep on your side. Strapped around your waist, the band has the ability to sense when you’re supine, or on your back, and coaxes you to sleep on your side by delivering soft vibrations that get you to adjust your position in your sleep without waking you up. The band optimizes patterns based on your sleep intensity to determine the best way to subconsciously alert you and machine learning even determines the most optimal time to give you the nudge.

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