This earmuff neck-pillow blocks sound more efficiently than most noise-canceling headphones

I believe there are three pillars to perfect sleep. Comfort, quiet, and darkness… and the Sleepmuffs take care of two of them. Designed as a pair of pretty massive earmuffs that also double up as a neck-support, the Sleepmuffs can be worn in bed or while seated, making them perfect at home or while traveling. Made with high-quality foam (among other materials), the Sleepmuffs aren’t just comfortable to wear, they do a pretty remarkable job of blocking sound too. With as much as -33 decibel attenuation, the Sleepmuffs are arguably better than a pair of earplugs, or even your passive noise-canceling headphones. The foam helps conceal you in a bubble of quiet, allowing you to easily sleep in most noisy conditions – whether you’ve got a flatmate who decides to play Cyberpunk 2077 at 3am, or whether you’re on a plane or bus right next to a two-year-old.

The internals of the Sleepmuff are a little complicated than your average neck-pillow. The muffs are made of two types of foam – one for comfort, and another for absorbing/dampening sound. The comfort foam forms the outer part of the construction, while the dampening foam sits around the ears. Both foams are separated by a hard acoustic shell that ensures a proper seal and helps block out sound. Lastly, the muffs are clad in a breathable fabric that allows you to wear them for hours without breaking into a sweat mid-sleep. The overall shape of the Sleepmuffs are conducive to a good night’s rest too. The neck area actually acts as a support – like you’d find in most neck pillows, while the ear regions are 55mm thick, elevating your head when you sleep on your side to avoid strain. While they are relatively bulky, like most neck-pillows, they can be worn during travel (so you don’t need to store them in your backpack), and if you do want to take them off, a nifty travel-case lets you efficiently pack them up!

Designer: Blisstil