Ford’s hilarious shifting-mattress bed helps your partner ‘sleep in their lane’!

An unlikely area of intervention for an automotive company, Ford’s now designing self-adjusting beds! Designed as a part of the Ford Interventions series, which uses automotive technology to remedy everyday problems, this is the Lane-Keeping Bed. As its name suggests, it prevents bed-space-hoggers from occupying more than half of the bed’s space.

We move around a lot when we sleep (some more than others). This often results in an inequality when it comes to bed sharing. You could roll over in your sleep, pushing your partner into a corner, or you’ve got a pet who has no sense of boundaries and has you occupying just 25% of your designated bed space at the end of the day (or night). That’s where Ford’s quirky Lane-Keeping Bed helps bring back the balance. It uses Ford’s Lane-Keeping Aid technology, which monitors road markings to help guide the driver back into the appropriate lane, and a conveyor-mounted mattress that can roll/shift to always make sure your partner (or you) occupies the correct amount of bed-space.

The bed uses pressure sensors to know when one person occupies more space than the other, and immediately (and silently) rolls/shifts the mattress in the opposite direction, making sure that the two partners occupy an equal amount of space on the bed. What it does when a couple is indulging in frivolous lovemaking is beyond me (I assume it would make foreplay fun?), but I’m sure the guys at Ford have a solution for that too!

Designer: Ford